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Aerynn Vernador

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"You all are wrong about King Eldon! Father's the only reason this country hasn't fallen apart yet! You won't realize your mistake until it's far too late!"

Aerynn Vernador is a princess from Cassel and is the future queen of the nation. She is a Priestess of Saint Nora and also gained the title of the Phoenix Priestess five years ago after an event nearly took her life. Aerynn is considered to be one of the most powerful mages in Cassel but she strictly uses healing and defensive magics, preferring not to fight if she doesn't need to, and if she does, she knows her way with a sword.


When Aerynn was younger, she was spoiled, manipulative, and mean to everyone, hating most people except for her parents. These days she always appears kind and caring to a fault. She seems cheery and always looking at the bright side of things as very little can sour her mood.

Aerynn is not a fool. She is not a very trusting person. She grew up in the Mesa City of Wrethilin where half the nobles in Cassel live, who are almost all cruel, conniving, greedy, and only out for themselves. Aerynn learned long ago about the pitfalls of dealing with them. Aerynn keeps a happy appearance in almost all situations so no one can tell if she's being serious or not. Those that know her well can easily tell if she's lying.

Physical Description

Aerynn is of average height for a Casselian girl. Unlike most females of the country, she prefers her hair shorter as its easier to manage. Her eyes are bright and are a deep blue, characteristic of almost any Vernador. Her face is warm and almost always makeup free. Very few people see anything other than a kind and caring smile when they see her.

When Aerynn is performing her official duties as a priestess of Saint Nora, she is wearing a white robe made of plain cotton, embroidered with gold thread. As a Princess, Aerynn has a vast wardrobe of elaborate and delicate dresses made of almost every material imaginable, and has to wear them all the time at official political events. Every other time, she is usually seen wearing a loose shirt, pants, leather boots, and a violet cape. She has a love for sapphires and always wears sapphire earrings and often is wearing other sapphire jewelry.
Full name: Renelle Vernador

Race: Iron Human
Ethnicity: Casselian
Age: 18
Birthday: May 8th
Height: 5'7"
Gender: Female

  • Princess of South Cassel
  • Duchess of Ethilon
  • Priestess of Saint Nora
  • Phoenix Priestess of Wrethilin
  • Children


    The Rose of Cassel

    Rose of Cassel.png
    Also called the Castle Rose. This backsword used to belong to Aerynn's cousin Renelle Vernador, but she ended up becoming the owner of the sword. The weapon is set with several rubies and has a silver core, which allows Aerynn to easily channel mana through the blade and cast powerful magic. She practices combat with the sword all the time, but despite it being her most powerful weapon, she isn't often seen with it outside of sword practice.

    The Staff of Saint Nora

    A legendary relic of Saint Nora that greatly enhances the ability to cast any type of magic. The Handle is made of enchanted sturdy Live Oak from a distant land, able to impossibly block heavy blows from metal weapons. The large chalcedony crystal in the center of the staff head stores large amounts of both mana and aether, drawing magical energy from the surrounding environment. In her official duties as a priestess of Saint Nora, Aerynn almost always has this staff with her.


    Eldon Vernador

    Almost everyone thinks Eldon is a cowardly tyrant king that ordered the murder of his brother, and killed his sister and niece. Aerynn however has unconditional trust in her father and thinks the situation is much more complicated than anyone knows. Her father is many things, but a murderer, she cannot comprehend.
    King Eldon Portrait.png


    Aerynn's mother. Sandrea was a noblewoman from Irrelith before she was placed in an arranged marriage with Eldon. She has very little care for the Kingdom of Cassel, and spends much of her time traveling to Irrelith, acting as an envoy between the two nations, but she's often not there for Aerynn.

    Isabel Vernador

    Isabel is the Queen of Ordland far to the North. Her political ambitions means she has very little use for most of her family, but she stays friendly with her cousin Aerynn who is the future Queen of South Cassel. She frequently offers advice on navigating the dangerous minefield that is politics.

    Arden Vernador

    Aerynn's cousin. After an incident five years ago nearly took Aerynn's life, Arden saw to it that Aerynn could protect herself. He taught her how to use a sword and how to use defensive enchantments. Aerynn took these lessons to heart, practicing every day she can.

    Renelle Vernador

    Aerynn does not blame her cousin Renelle for what she did five years ago. She was doing what she thought was right and Aerynn did what she thought was right. Aerynn has no idea where Ren ran to after that happened, but she wants to track her down and let her know all was forgiven long ago.

    Saya (Vyerin Vernador)

    Aerynn's 'twin' cousin. They share the same birthday. Aerynn also made the same bloodpact with Xana as Vyerin did and the three share a link with each other's magic. The two hated each other when they were younger, but Aerynn's attitude has mellowed over the years. She is unsure if Vyerin is the same.
    Saya - Portrait.png



    Traditionally, there is always an elf of Ledo that guards the heir to the throne of Cassel, and in this case that elf is Adán. There have been rumors for a few months now that Aerynn and Adán were an item. The two do not see each other that way but they agreed to perpetuate that rumor as it gets a good many suitors out of Aerynn's hair.


    Unlike her cousin Vyerin, Aerynn regularly summons Xana for advice or help, and also a tip or two on casting magic. Xana refers to Aerynn as her favorite pact holder and if there was a single being in all of Vreathe that Xana would genuinely care for it would probably be Aerynn, maybe. Xana's too unpredictable to tell...
    Xana - Small.png


    Jenny is cold and calculating, and very skilled with a short spear. She was at first quite ticked off that she was assigned to guard Aerynn because that meant her promotions would disappear for a decade or two in Cassel's army. Aerynn's warm personality started to make cracks in Jenny's and the two became friends, eventually.
    Jenny - Portrait.png
    "There's a million nobles across Cassel that I could be "friends" with, but they always want something like a favor or for me to make some official statement that I support them. Or they just want me to marry them... Ugh, don't get me started on the Ferretors! Those aren't friends!"

    "Jenny and Adán, my guards, are more my friends than any high ranking noble ever will be!"


    Early Life

    Aerynn was born in the year 2974 I.A. in Wrethilin. Her parents are Eldon Vernador XXI, and Sandrea Arduin. her birth, along with the birth of her cousin Vyerin on the same day, helped to end a war between North and South Cassel as it started.

    Just before their births, Cassel was split into three kingdoms and parts were given to the children of King Vernador XX, who thought that the kingdom had grown too large to manage properly. There was King Eldon Vernador XXI that recieved the South, Queen Larielle recieved the West, and King Brenon recieved the North.

    Eldon and Brenon grew bitter towards the other for different reasons, and spent months making threats towards each other. The two finally declared war on each other in May 2974. The armies met on the battlefield but refused to fight, because neither king was present. The reason was that each of their wives was giving birth to their first heir. Tradition dictated they be present on that day.

    Later, Queen Larielle made her two brothers sign a peace treaty that solidified Cassel's Borders. The elves were mad their kingdoms were still considered vassal states, inferior to the human kingdoms, but otherwise everything was in order.

    "Our fathers were always good at rattling their sabers at each other, but I don't believe they would have ever actually drawn swords and went to war! If uncle Brenon was still around I'm pretty sure they would still be allies, even with everything that's happened!"

    "I like to think I was a good listener. I'm sure other girls wanted to hear fairy tales like 'Sharlia and the Golden Bow', but I preferred my father's clumsy retelling of my kingdom's history!"
    Growing up, Aerynn knew she was destined to rule South Cassel someday, and she didn't want to have it any other way. She learned everything she could about her kingdom, or at least what her young mind could understand at the time. She learned to read when she was about 4 and started reading everyhting she could.

    She would often be seen in the castle's library, reading old books and scrolls. Her language learning skills were impressive. Aerynn learned how to read and speak Rethasi or Old Casellian when she was 6. When she was 8, she learned how to read and speak Lithean, her mother's native language, and when she was 10, she could read and speak the Silver Tongue, an ancient language of the Silver Age. At the same time when she was a teen, she was learning the Kelingence of Yurrinkil, and Forlingence of Faeon., though she never became quite as fluent in those as the earlier languages she learned.

    She often annoyed her parents to tell her about how South Cassel works as a kingdom, and how the other nearby countries worked as well. Her mother often didn't have time to answer such questions but her father would spend hours explaining various things to her, going over the history of each country, county, and barony in detail, no matter how small or unimportant.

    One last thing of note happened to Aerynn in her early life. When she was ten. She was at her aunt and uncles summer home in the mountains of Orthez. Her cousin Vyerin was doing something quite wreckless, and he convined Aerynn to help him. Vyerin showed her the Book of Summons, an ancient Bronze Age book. Every chapter had a different language. One chapter had Rethasi in it. Vyerin wasn't that good at reading that language but he wanted Aerynn to read it. Aerynn did so, not knowing that Vyerin was getting her to summon a demon.

    The demon was pretty angry with the summoning and said that they would leave in exchange for the plate of deserts next to the children, plus a drop of their blood. Aerynn did so not wanting to be killed by the demon. The demon spent a bit of time eating what they described as delectable deserts, before revealing herself as the fairy Xana.

    With the blood pact sealed with the offering of the children's blood, Xana explained that they shared a portion of her power now. Vyerin used the fairy's magic to cause all sorts of touble, but Aerynn barely used the power at all, not thinking it was necessary or useful to rule a country with. She did summon Xana quite frequently compared to Vyerin. Aerynn had no end of questions for Xana about all sorts of things.

    "...this stupid book. Where did Vyerin even get this damn thing anyways? I doubt that Uncle Brenon just had this random thing laying around his library!"

    Politics and more Politics

    When Aerynn was 10 and for the next few years, politics across Vreathe were getting complicated. Her mother was constantly on trips back and forth between Cassel and Irellith, trying to prevent a war breaking out between them. The Elves of Lyonne and Ledo were growing increasingly restless over being under Cassel's Rule. There were also rumors of a nation far to the west that was building up their military on a scale that Cassel just could now compete with.

    Aerynn's cousin Isabel was older and had spent years navigating the minefield of love and politics. She frequently traveled to the capital of South Cassel to try to calm tensions between humans and elves, so she was often in Wrethilin. Aerynn talked to Isabel frequently, getting advice for various things. Aerynn learned quite a bit about the elven kingdoms and the strange ways they work.

    Isabel wasn't the only one who visited Wrethilin. She got to see her Aunt Larielle much more as well. Many diplomats, kings, queens, and other high ranking members of society were constantly passing in and out of the palace. All of it was over this nation far to the west and what they were going to do to conquer and change the rest of the world.

    "Alot of people say that Isabel put it mildly, a 'manipulative bitch', but she is nothing like her mother, the one who actually manipulates everyone. Isabel means well, really!

    "Just the rumor of this kingdom approaching caused a summit between all the Kings and Queens of Eastern Vreathe. Unfortunately everyone's differences were too great for anything of value to be done..."
    There was one particularly important political summit that Aerynn had to attend in North Cassel, in the city of Lornar. She traveled there with her uncle and mother. She ran into her cousin Vyerin, who seemed like a completely different person. Instead of being an outspoken trouble maker, he was, oddly well behaved.

    What followed was several days of kings and queens of several nations all gathering together to discuss the Iruakint, this nation that would bring destruction to Vreathe. Aerynn met fellow princesses and some princes from other countries, including Faeon, Ordland, Galleska, Pellensk, Northlandt, and more.

    This summit broke down when the discussion of elf and human relations came up. Lyonne and Ledo wanted full independence. The human kings of Cassel forbade it. It somehow turned into a shouting match between Brenon and Eldon, who were supposed to be on the same side.

    By the end of it all, the Elves made a few trade deals, but refused completely any notion of a military alliance against the Iruakint. The summit of Kings had ended without anything being done really. Aerynn and her parents quickly traveled back to Wrethilin to make preparations for what might become war against the elves.

    The Death of the Northern Royals

    On their way back from the summit in North Cassel, they heard the news. They were just crossing the border as an envoy rode up against the carriage they were riding in. It was rainy and stormy outside when a wet scroll was passed through the window.

    Aerynn watched as her father's face grew dark and solemn. Eldon then told Sandrea and Aerynn the news. King Brenon Vernador was assassinated. Queen Maria was also killed, and Vyerin is missing. Eldon ordered the carriage to turn around and head back to Lornar. Eldon was warned about the assassins but he didn't care.

    The next day, they ended up back in Lornar. King Brenon's other child Marla was found to be safe in the palace. She was covered in blood and traumatized, but alive. Vyerin was still missing. Eldon had preparations to make over the next few weeks. Brenon needed to have a burial. Maria needed to have her body sent back to Galleska. Vyerin needed to be found if possible, and Marla needed to be crowned Queen.

    Aerynn spent several nights in the empty Lornar palace. She wasn't allowed to see Marla and couldn't interact with anyone or leave the palace. Guards were placed at the entrance to her room. She summoned Xana trying to see if Vyerin was still alive, but Xana didn't have good news.

    "I hated Vyerin, and I didn't think I would miss him, until I was told he was gone."
    "Wherever he is, whatever he's doing, whatever form he takes, I really hope he's okay!"

    Things turn South Again

    A few years later, when Aerynn was thirteen, reports from envoys told of an army of elves and various knights, on the warpath to the city of Wrethilin. they were coming for Eldon. The leaders of this army, Renelle Vernador and Arden Vernador, were convinced that Eldon was responsible for Brenon's murder. Aerynn didn't believe it was possible.

    Eldon ordered no army to prepare for war. Let them come. Aerynn was confused and wanted to know why her father was so...defeated. Eldon said that while he wasn't responsible for his brother's death, he might as well have been. He said that Renelle and Arden were coming for just retribution and he was not going to stop them. All he was going to do was tell them his side of the story and let them decide.

    Aerynn pleaded with her father to do something. So Eldon put his armor on and sat on the steps in his palace in the Halls of Kings. He waited for the approaching army. As the army reached the outer gated of Wrethilin, he asked Aerynn to go to the cathedral and stay there. When he was gone, she would become queen of South Cassel, if the elves aren't just here for revenge and take the nation for themselves. Eldon then ordered the gates open and to invite Renelle and Arden to the palace.

    "I have never seen father so defeated before. He wasn't even armed! I'm sorry but I couldn't just go to the cathedral until this ended! I had to do something if I was able to!"

    Ren fighting Arden.png
    Aerynn hid in the room next to the hall of kings as Renelle and Arden burst through the doors. They found Eldon sitting on the steps in the hall like a broken man. At first they talked to Eldon, who freely explained what they wanted to know. Aerynn was too far away to hear what they were saying, but by the end of the conversation, Arden was convinced that Eldon was not the one who killed their father King Brenon. Ren however was not.

    This turned into arguing between the two. They then drew swords against each other. This turned into a destructive battle that was wrecking everything in the hall of kings. King Eldon continued to sit on the steps of the hall, not moving. He knew Renelle could defeat Arden, so he waited and accepted his fate. Aerynn ran into the hall, and pleaded with her father to leave, but Eldon refused and ordered his daughter to go. Aerynn stayed and drew a sword and stayed by her father's side.

    As Eldon thought, Renelle started to gain the upper hand. She managed to find an opening and pushed Arden out of the way. Renelle charged fire magic in her hands, creating a great bolt of energy. She sent it towards Eldon. What Renelle did not think of was that Aerynn was there. Aerynn shoved her father out of the way and took the full force of the fire.

    At first Aerynn was able to block the flames, but this was fire magic from Renelle Vernador, the Dragon Knight. Her fire was much too powerful for anyone to handle. And soon it did engulf Aerynn. She screamed out in pain before Renelle realized she hit Aerynn instead of Eldon. It was too late before Renelle canceled her fire magic.

    Aerynn was badly burned. Eldon was in shock and couldn't move or anything. Renelle at first took several steps toward them, but Arden jumped between them. Renelle attempted to sheathe her sword, the Castle Rose, but dropped it instead. She then left without a word.

    Arden immediately started to cast healing magic in an attempt to keep Aerynn alive, but it wasn't necessary. Before Aerynn collapsed on the ground, she cut herself open and used her blood to summon the fairy Xana. With a snap of her fingers, Xana immediately healed the girl of all her burns, not even scars remained. Xana was then about to go find Renelle and kill her for doing this, but Aerynn asked her not to.

    "I know some people might think that Ren might have held back, but no. Her flames had every intent to kill my father, and I felt the heat of those flames."

    "I don't blame Ren for burning me. I was the one who stood in front of those burning hot flames and challenged her power."

    A Healer of the Church

    Aerynn recovered from her injuries almost instantly, but the pain of the fire and the touch of Renelle's rage was always in her mind. For two years after, Arden took it upon himself to teach Aerynn how to use a sword and how to use defensive enchantments.

    Aerynn learned how to fight using the Castle Rose, the sword that Ren dropped and left behind. She took Arden's lessons to heart and became somewhat skilled, but she always felt like this training was just to set herself up for a confrontation with Renelle again someday, which she didn't want. Her skill with a sword quickly leveled off and for a long time she couldn't improve.

    One day Aerynn was walking the streets of Wrethilin. She walked past the cathedral and she witnessed a healer of The Church of Saint Nora mending a person injuries. It was a small child, sickened from pox. the healer made a prayer to Saint Nora and then held a healing stone against the child's forehead. Within minutes, the child was cured. Aeryn was curious, so she spoke to the healer and wanted to know more. This conversation turned into her wanting to learn healing magic herself.

    At first, the church was concerned that the princess of the realm wanted to lower herself to their level and become a healer, but with the Exarch's blessing (who was King Eldon, the King of South Cassel and the head of the church in the country. He pretty much lets Aerynn do what she wants at this point), they started to show Aerynn how to use life magic.

    Aerynn spent the next three years learning how to be a healing mage. She learned the basics of life magic rather quickly. It turned out that since she is a descendant of Saint Nora, she has a natural affinity for life magic. (the large supply of aether she gets from her bloodpact with Xana helps too!) Aerynn quickly became one of the most powerful life mages in the country at 18 years old.

    Currently Aerynn spends a lot of time traveling around South Cassel, travelling with her two escorts and occasionally Arden. She does her job as a priestess of Saint Nora, and does it well. She tries to keep her mind off the political situation in the country slowly falling apart. The situation with King Brenon being assassinated never got resolved, and neither did the situation with the elves. It won't be long before Aerynn ends up being involved in it in some way.


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