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Jasmine Pai

Jasmine is a human currently living in Crossbones. She spends most of her time gathering fruits and vegetables for the camp. She's a friend of Milo's and Murmus'.


The Compliment

On their second day in camp, The Party checked out the mess hall in the middle of the day, when most of the Raiders were on expeditions in The Fellgleam.


While visiting, Murmus made the acquaintance of Jasmine, whom he complimented on her selection of mushrooms (which were white truffles). Jasmine was appreciative of the compliment as she herself is a fan of mushrooms and was thus able to identify a species that was both safe to eat and particularly delicious.


It seemed as though she received relatively little praise from other Raiders. This was perhaps due to being a forager in a camp composed largely of adventurous warrior types not entirely respectful of those who provide for their more basic needs. Murmus, however, was keen to recognize her value and his compliment made her day.


It remains to be seen the extent to which this act of kindness will shape the future of Acaelica.

Current Location
Year of Birth
1148 CR 18 Years old
Medium, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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