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Inktober 2019 Day 12: Dragon

Today's Prompt:

A religious sect of knights bears a draconic standard as it marches to war.
At the helm of a great mountain, an elite military unit faces off against a fire-breathing beast.

And what of the creature itself?

Is it one of a species, a single proud creature? Or merely an allegory?

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Oct 12, 2019 15:04 by Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
Oct 12, 2019 15:41 by Asmod
Oct 12, 2019 19:37 by Kelissana Eralyn

Oct 12, 2019 19:50 by AP.

Lots of work to be done yet....and still a few to catch up on!

Oct 12, 2019 21:07 by Visandar the Unliving

Today i ring you the mole dragon, or also called walking forges. they are ver yhard to train and only the most pristine, or specialized smiths house one. To hunt they resort to tackle their prey and drip molten rock/metal on their faces.... hmmm kwispy  

Oct 12, 2019 22:08

A good start to a religion of dragons

Order of the Dragon King
Organization | Jan 21, 2022

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Oct 12, 2019 22:53 by Luiz Henrique P. de Carvalho

Archana Flag

Archana is a small kingdom, but one of the wealthiest and most powerful nations in the continent. Their flag carries the colors of magic (purple) and wealth (yellow), the Eye of Tiamat (which represents the wisdom of the Dragon Goddess), and the Guardian Serpent Bashmu (whose corpse transformed into the mountains that protect their borders).

Oct 12, 2019 23:40

For today's prompt I did some work on the article for the second in command in the empire

Character | Nov 21, 2023

Oct 13, 2019 00:00

Oct 13, 2019 02:56

Oct 13, 2019 13:49 by Morgan Biscup

As a heads up your comment is showing blank. If you attached an article block you might want to also add a link. Apparently there is a bug that sometimes the article block reacts as if a visible article is hidden, meaning only the author can see it.

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Oct 14, 2019 22:43

Oct 13, 2019 05:30 by Grace Gittel Lewis

I like how this one turned out!

Oct 13, 2019 15:45 by Ariel Webster

Mine contains mild nudity so instead I'll post the gallery article for my Inktober progress.  

Inktober 2019 Gallery
Generic article | Oct 31, 2019

Oct 13, 2019 22:39 by Jacob Waterman

A little obvious, but realized I never wrote this one

Species | Jan 20, 2020

Rulers of the Sky, Creatures of Magic

Oct 14, 2019 19:26 by Kai

Oct 15, 2019 00:16 by Eric Ehlers
Oct 15, 2019 00:43 by Andrew Daly

12 down! Enjoy the tale of a supposed dragon who finds something odd within himself:

Inktober XII: Dragon
Generic article | Oct 15, 2019

Oct 15, 2019 04:12 by Jordan Blythe

Asrophel the Life Breather spoke creation into existence, learn more about her might here:

The Creation
Myth | Jun 15, 2023

Oct 15, 2019 10:53 by Catoblepon

A bit late, but here it is! Behold this myth!

Visit Daeliha, Iphars, Khulgran & Shattered
Love to code, but this one is driving me crazy!
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Oct 15, 2019 14:24 by Isaac A. Thompson

A colossal dragon who encircles the continent of Abravost, eyeing those who enter her territory

Inktober 12 - Dragon by Isaac Thompson

Writer of Tiyu Amara, and The Last Line
Oct 16, 2019 16:31

Oct 17, 2019 14:58

Oct 18, 2019 07:00

Oct 18, 2019 23:10 by Jacob Billings

A powerful spell, reaching over 2000 degrees at a peak.

Dragon's Breath
Spell | Oct 18, 2019

Oct 19, 2019 02:51 by Melissa White

Oct 20, 2019 10:11

Here I have taken inspiration of the archaic meaning of dragon, namely as a sea-serpent. The result: The Feudworm.

Species | Nov 7, 2019

Oct 21, 2019 03:01

Definitely gotta come back to this one. I've been wanting to work on it for awhile. Currently don't have much but I gotta get off for the night.

Oct 21, 2019 20:23 by Jimmy Shrekson

Oct 22, 2019 03:02 by Drew Peppley

Oct 22, 2019 05:19 by Ademal

You got a bunch done today, well done!

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Oct 22, 2019 13:02 by Drew Peppley

Thank you :) I had written much of my prose beforehand, and just hadn’t posted these on the website yet, so all I really had to do was transcribe and add some information

Oct 25, 2019 02:03 by Aria Grill
Oct 26, 2019 19:35 by Jimmy Shrekson

Oct 26, 2019 22:56
Oct 27, 2019 00:20 by Damion Otter
Oct 28, 2019 04:59 by Dragon

Oct 30, 2019 09:33

So, dragons don't exist in my world, but there is a Wyrm Pox, and obviously someone one day had to see a Wyrm to know what Wyrm wings looked like.

Oct 31, 2019 22:34
Nov 1, 2019 08:10 by Snake Venom

I started and lost motivation. Have half a dragon

by Snake__Venom

Nov 1, 2019 15:44 by Terry-Lynn L