Fablewesen (from Graftian Fabel "fable" and Wesen "creature") are creatures have become widely revered by the general public.
Many explorers or seafarers tell of their existence, but the scientific community agrees that they are of a fictional nature.  
  1. Feudworm
  2. Wetkin


The Feudworm is the largest dragon in the known world.


Since it resides in the sea, as all dragons do, its precise size has not been described accurately.
Some believe it may encircle the entire globe.
Reported instances have described it as smooth and ribbed or finned like an eel, with colours ranging from greens to blues to blacks.
One case reported the creature to be dotted with glowing stars, making it stand out in the night.


The Feudworm is most often seen during storms, which travellers believe disturb its sleep.
Seaside inhabitants report the Feudworm killing plants and livestock that is left too close to the shore, sometimes even transforming them from one animal to another or even to an inanimate object, such as a crate.


The Wetkin is a humanoid beast that wears the coat of a seal and lives in the sea.


It has rarely been seen up close, but some believe it can be identified by a long, pink cut down the belly, which is where the wetkin enters the dead seal's skin.


It is said that on one night in the yeart, it takes off its coat for cleaning.
The Wetkin then wears a coat of smooth, dark seaweed while working at the seal in the moonlight.
Since it is considered bad luck by many to kill a seal, Wetkins are believed to be evil or unholy in nature, and most try not to get spotted by one.

Cover image: by A Lambent Eye


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