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Scalerot Island

Island of Rot

Written by Endrise

It is the rotting corpse of the Dragon's Tail, a place of decay and ruin. But whenever I got close to it, I could sense something off about it.
— Onora Roach

Scalerot Island is a mountain found on the Dragon’s Tail Archipelago, notorious for its putrid smell. Out of the many islands on the chain, it is the one that raises questions for researchers.

People believe it to be the graveyard of a large Dragon, but even with its inhabitants nobody knows who exactly. All that one knows is something lies buried here.

Isle of Bones

People who set foot on the island from the mainland are first met with a horrible stench. Air thick with a scent described as decaying flesh acidic enough to kill one’s sense of smell. Theories might believe it to be due to gas reserves leaking through the soil into the air.

Such putrid stench makes a lot of the area barren, with the few plants being low growing vegetation. Though the ground is fertile for plantlife, rich in nutrients and providing for some form of ecosystem for its inhabitants. Even if only low at the ground.

Noteworthy Locations

Gutrot Graveyard

The Gutrot Graveyard is a large burial site of Dragon bones, if not one of the biggest ones on Raucher. Bleached bones lie around this field, considering by the local Kobold tribes as a sacred place for their beliefs.

Drowning Maw

A large sea cavern eastwards of the island, used by some of the tribes on the island as a burial site for the deceased. Ornaments decorate the Drowning Maw's overhanging cliffside, chiming in the ocean wind.

Devourer's Spine

At the island’s center lies the Devourer's Spine, a mountain range that splits the island in two. Comprised out of a hollow yet tough rock, its formation seems unnatural compared to the rest of the region. But it also provides some resources not found elsewhere on Raucher.

This makes it valuable to its natives, as the caverns inside it provide both minerals used for their tools but also places to grow their crops. All of which making crucial to their survival.

Natives of Scalerot Island

The population of Scalerot Island consists entirely out of Kobolds who adapted to the thick air of the island. But the less than ideal condition of Scalerot island’s atmosphere causes many health issues. Most of the populace has a form of Scale Rot, leading to their ill-looking appearances.

The island is their home, which to hostility towards any visitors. Few ships get close out of fear of getting speared by the Kobolds on the island. Reports even mention of some explorers that got too close being eaten or sacrificed by the draconic natives.

Included Locations

Seismic Activity

Over the years, reports of seismic activity happen on Scalerot Island, ranging from small shakes to more devastating ones. While not uncommon around Raucher, it seems out of sync with the rest of the region.

Theories assume it to be the Devourer's Spine itself, or at least a lava flow beneath the island, causing the ruckus. But the very specific location of the tremors amongst the archipelago raises suspicion.

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