Darwinian Ring

Created by the god Chromnis, god of time and good dragons. Chromnis created the darwinian ring as a tribute to Venichis, who granted him his godlike powers. Infusing this ring as he did, granted it unnatural powers from time itself, allowing its wielder to adapt to any environment.

The list of powers that the ring has granted has changed exponentially over time, with each new environment it encounters, this list grows even further. Once per hour the ring detects what environment it is in, and decides if it is worth changing to a more appropriate functionality. Throughout all effects however, the wielder never needs to eat or drink so long as they wear the ring.

  • Anima: Positive Energy Immunity
  • Forests: Camoflage
  • Mountains: Climb Speed
  • Swamp: Acid Immunity
  • Ummortu: Negative Energy Immunity
  • Underwater: Water breathing
  • Volcano: Fire Immunity


Upon the creation of the god Chromnis, Venichis was angry with the dragons. According to the Ponderac pantheon, being granted their powers was a gift for all dragonkind. As such, Chromnis and Průhledná, each forged an item of grattitude and tribute for the god. Chromnis created a ring to allow Venichis to travel to any land, while Průhledná created a lantern that would destroy any barrier it touched.

Upon receiving the items, Venichis tested them by landing atop a mountain, and setting down the lantern to put on the ring. This was the creation of Demons Burn, as the mountainside exploded into fits of lava. The ring worked, and Venichis swam to shore, unnaffected by the flames.

In thanks for the gift, Venichis promised Chromnis a land of solitude from the masses, so long as he could keep it safe. And to scold Průhledná, he forced her and those of her ilk to live around the mountainside. This was the creation of the kingdoms of Anguish and Rynasen.

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