The city state of not just draconic races, but of dragons themselves nestled within a mountain range, having access to the worlds largest freshwater lake.


As a democratic society, the country is divided into separate houses of dragons. From those houses, each house is led by an elder, in this case the oldest of those dragons within each house. From there, members of each house are free to do as they please, moving between each house for employment or for the betterment of the country as a whole.

As far as non dragons are concerned, they help in similar ways to non elder dragons of each house, including forming their own committies, and working together in order to improve society on its whole.


A short haired elf lets out a heavy sigh as she tops off her drink at a table, a group of travelers sit around her, recommended by the locals to visit the popular restaurant and inn co-owned by the supposed saviors of the very city they’re in. The group had their curiosity peaked by the woman, working with the chefs, they couldn’t help but question her about some visible scales strewn about her body. She took the opportunity to provide the travelers, and herself, some drinks, and began her story:

"Far to the east, along shorelines long forgotten whether it be due to their sheer distance from any other civilization, or due to the creatures residing around it, lies the peculiar village of Rynaixen Cove. Any traveler viewing it from the distance would, well firstly, they would be exhausted, the only way to the cove being through some rather precarious mountains, and looking down to it you would spot farms dotted about the outskirts, a modest town center, docks with a couple boats going in and out, and most peculiar of all, the silhouettes of great shimmering beasts in the sky, and a town completely desensitized to it."

"Making your way closer to the town would eventually land you on its proper roadways passing the fields, allowing a traveler a better viewing of the beasts in the sky. Dragons. Their silhouettes shimmering at certain angles, not more than a couple could be seen at the same time but every one you would spot shimmered like metal."

"This was the humble town of Rynasen’s feature. There’s many folktales about how it started, but somehow, some few centuries ago, the ancestors of the townsfolk started a settlement. Small, humble and quickly attracting the local creatures you could spot across the sky, metallic dragon. They were, for the lack of a better term, curious in the new group of locals and over some period of time, eventually, perhaps inevitably, intermingled. Over the years more metallic dragons arrived, whether out of curiosity or simply the opportunity to be somewhere so accepting, and the village rapidly became one of largely dragon bloods.The dragons now surrounding and even integrated in this unique community acting as citizens and protectors of it and for many of them, their blood relatives."

The story somewhat abruptly interrupts, though the woman did seem mostly finished, one of the strangers pondering “Sooo.. uh, ar’ we payin’ fo’ these drinks?”, another stranger chimes in, “O-Oh and can I buy you one pretty miss?”, before that last one can chime in yet another does, “but that didn’ answer my question about yer scales”. The woman lets out a sigh and puts a sum of coins on the table for the drinks, not responding to any of their questions and getting back to work.

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Neighboring Nations


On the verge of an alliance, the outlands themselves enjoy the immense strength shown by the dragons. As most monstrous races that live there are awed by the dragons of Rynasen, they are usually quite amicable to the dragons, bringing trade and tribute on a regular basis. Rynasen has come to accept these tributes, and finds the outlands more than capable, so long as they stay to the north away from them. The recent war has also caused issues for Rynasen as well, causing strains on other relations around them, and as such, the outlands is not in great favor as of now.


As a country of Dragons, Kuradi find themselves in awe of the majestic creatures, and culturally worship them and most other animals. Rynasen gets to enjoy the fruits of their labors as the only country that trades with them.


Cinerosa stories tell legends of dragons coming to them, to fight back against Anguish, and save their people. Rynasen also have stories pertaining to the origins of many of the races within their borders, going back to Cinerosa. Most often, those traveling outside of Rynasen will visit Cinerosa, to look through their ancestral homelands.


Lochgrain has never encountered Rynasen, however, they are plagued regularly by dragons, and call upon dragonslayers frequently for help. Rynasen disapproves of the practice, and actively avoid the area, but understand the fear within their society.


Dwarves ability to find metals, and the existance of dragons themselves cause tense relations between the kingdoms. Rynasen has created no attempt to go into the kingdom, though dwarven smithing and resources are highly saught after. Steisen materials are a tad more expensive in Rynasen due to higher pricing, but they can be sold for much more as a result. Tensions are a bit tough between the two countries.


Samalat has ingrained hatred of dragons throughout the populous. Rynasen has been attacked by their weapons and people too often to let this go. If given the opportunity, both would fight each other.


Thanks to Anguish , Grantidia has a deep seeted hatred throughout its community of all dragons. Dragonslaying is prolificv throughout the kingdom.


Both the Steel Empire and Rynasen absolutely despise one another. The Steel empire does not wish to intrude on Gwilith or else be in yet another war that they do not wish to be set upon as of yet, or otherwise both kingdoms would be at a constant war with one another. The Steel empire constantly sends scouts to capture and enslave young dragons, and belive themselves the rulers of dragons as a result. rumor has it that Rynasen plans to re-capture several of their missing people quite soon.

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