The Outlands

Anarchistic society of nomadic to semi-nomatic tribes.

Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Orclands, The Icelands, Frozen North, High North, Deep North, Sled Wastes
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
Neighboring Nations


On the verge of an alliance, the outlands themselves enjoy the immense strength shown by the dragons. As most monstrous races that live there are awed by the dragons of Rynasen, they are usually quite amicable to the dragons, bringing trade and tribute on a regular basis. Rynasen has come to accept these tributes, and finds the outlands more than capable, so long as they stay to the north away from them. The recent war has also caused issues for Rynasen as well, causing strains on other relations around them, and as such, the outlands is not in great favor as of now.


The outlands of the north has always been a pain in the dwarven armies of Steisen, as the lands themselves are valuable, yet the dwarves are incapable of gaining the ground they need to mine the resources neccessary to collect from those grounds. Steisen is loath to help or accept help from the Outlands in any way.


The Steel Empire and the outlands have always been at war. The absolute law of the Steel Empire, and the vast wildlands of the Outlands always clash against one another in combat, and neither has been able to give way to the other, forming constant conflicts along their borders.


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