Kingdom of Steisen

The grand kingdom of dwarves. Mostly an underground kingdom, contained with the mountain ranges of northern Ekklisia .

Agriculture & Industry

The Mines of Grott

The Mioiarann Mountains are home to some of the riches, if most dispersed underground veins of metals and materials throughout the world. Iron, Silver, Gold, gemstones and geodes. Metals of all types are found within the walls of the dwarven kingdom. And so, with that, the dwarves dig deep. Deep down into the realm of Grott to find wealth beyond all immagination. Though most will find iron, or small geodes of gemstones and the like, the constantly shifting earth is always revealing new resources throughout the underground.

Through Stone, Law. Through Iron, Strength. Through Brotherhood, Immortality.

Founding Date
Popetiel 10, 50
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Dwarven Empire, Kingdom of the Underground, Monarchy of the Mioiarann Mountains.
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
In each city there is a council who decides upon the laws, following the law of stone set within the capital. These council members abide by the laws of the grand council, who is run by overarching leaders of each community on the surface, which is lead by the leader of the country itself as both a tie breaker vote, and as the absolute monarch, who can make decisions without consulting the council, and as the one who can enact temporary laws lasting no longer than one year from the day.

The Law of Stone

Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Notable Members

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