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Kingdom of Baal

The holy empire of humans, with the primary capital of Pavia home to the religious leaders of The Pondarac Pantheon.


Baalian society is divided into a fairly simple structure. At the very top is the High Priest of Valturra, who commands the entirity of Baal, and everything going on within its borders. The High Priest is directly attended and counciled with by the Statues, which is a group of high priests, chosen by all the others in order to make and pass laws throughout Baal. Alongside the statutes are the other high priests, which make up the next layer of society, followed by clergyman in general, ranking to each religious order of the Ponderac pantheon. Alongside the clergyman are the paladin orders, who are ranked in order of the Stone, The Rose, and the Mare in order of import in society, and who gain funding in order to continue their important mission throughout the world.

Public Agenda

First and formost, Baal aims to spread the influence and worship of the Ponderac Pantheon throughout the world.


Baal holds 20 Billion GP Infrastructure, with 10 Billion GP in liquid assets.

Agriculture & Industry

As an industrial power, Baal puts great stock into those who fallow, and do everything they can to improve the livelihood of the people living within their borders. They primarily work on medicinal products as well as a significant amount of weaving and artistry.

Fide, Familia, Terra

Founding Date
Popetiel 8, 107
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Major Exports
Artwork, Medicine, Religion.
Legislative Body
The statutes are a group of high priests that create and write the written codes of the divine for the average commoner to follow. The statues are formed once every three years by the high priests of the religion, or by a chosen decision maker, to sit in the capital, and pass laws in what their deity would agree with.
Judicial Body
Judicially speaking, there is one major organization that takes hold of abiding, and enforcing all laws within Baal, and throughout the world. The Order of the Stone claims its home in Baal, inside the capital. Should a crime be committed, they produce judges to oversee the trial. Should a city need a guardforce or sherif, they send a member to be the law enforcement of the town, until such a time that sufficient guardforces are applied.
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories

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