The Steel Empire

Empire who belives in conquest and honor above all.

Glory & Honor, Always Forged, Never Broken.

Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Neighboring Nations


The Steel Empire does not find Samalat a threat, due to its huge theocratic ways.


The Steel Empire and the outlands have always been at war. The absolute law of the Steel Empire, and the vast wildlands of the Outlands always clash against one another in combat, and neither has been able to give way to the other, forming constant conflicts along their borders.


Currently, the Steel Empire and the Kingdom of Steisen are at war with one another. This is due to the immense needs of metals that the steel empire desires, and the large resources available within Steisen to provide for their needs. Propoganda campaigns propped up all throughout the steel empire, and they provoked war upon the kingdom of the dwarves. Currently, there are gurrilla warfights between the two along the mountains, with the steel empire failing to get deeper into Steisen through the mineshafts that dot the landscape.


Both the Steel Empire and Rynasen absolutely despise one another. The Steel empire does not wish to intrude on Gwilith or else be in yet another war that they do not wish to be set upon as of yet, or otherwise both kingdoms would be at a constant war with one another. The Steel empire constantly sends scouts to capture and enslave young dragons, and belive themselves the rulers of dragons as a result. rumor has it that Rynasen plans to re-capture several of their missing people quite soon.


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