Kingdom of Cinerosa

Deep kingdom of numerous races, always strewn into chaos.

Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Neighboring Nations


Cinerosa and Grantidia have joined together to fight against anguish at every opportunity. This alliance withstands through thick and thin, and they consider each other the perfect partners in warfare.


Cinerosa enjoys one of the best relationships around regarding the Steel Empire. The empire will send troops to train in dragon slaying, and give payment for the intense societal needs of Cinerosa to train their troops in different climates.


Cinerosa and Lochgrain both have great trade relations with one another. Lochgrain produces a giant surplus of food, helping against the constant warefare against Anguish . Cinerosa as a result, provides much needed protected to Lochgrain lands in as many forms as they can provide.


Both Cinerosa and the outlands have great trade relations with one another. Cinerosa trades equipment and supplies to the outlands, with the outlands sending troops to Cinerosa to learn how to fight, and hunt in different environments.


Cinerosa and Samalat happen to share a border with each other, and anguish. Tensions may run high at the borders, but they fight together against the dragons all the same.


Cinerosa stories tell legends of dragons coming to them, to fight back against Anguish, and save their people. Rynasen also have stories pertaining to the origins of many of the races within their borders, going back to Cinerosa. Most often, those traveling outside of Rynasen will visit Cinerosa, to look through their ancestral homelands.


Steisen is practically banned from half of the western continent due to an assassination that was blamed on Steisen for the previous monarch. Cinerosa is the same for the eastern continent.


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