The Pondarac Pantheon

The largest pantheon in the world. The Pondarac are the symbol of all life and all aspects of mortality. If it exists, there is a god for it. Many gods exist, and many of them are not known unless you reach deep into the complex lore of the Pondarac. Lead by the original four deities, Valturra, Tutella, Balcorra, and Venichis, there are many deities to cover all walks of life. The Arborole, Zasslic, The Serenater, and the Morvit also fall under this umbrella even though they count as their own separate pantheons.


Throughout the majority of the Ponderac religion, each individual deity has its own ways of self representation. In all cases, the leader of the entire Ponderac religion is also the leader (Archminister) of The Kingdom of Baal. All instances of leaders from individual deities are known as Archbishops, which than flow down to the individual deities teachings and structure of order.

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