A city state in the country of the same name.


The town of Rynasen has quite the large infrastructure in place thanks to the protection of the Guardians. Plumbing, sewage treatment, windmills, and a heavy focus on crop rotation. Streets exist all throughout the city, each one large enough to hold the largest of dragons, thirty feet wide at every stop, with room enough to turn around for every dragon.


The Library The Astral Archives:Horde of the Golden Elder Glimmer

This structure looks rather average as far as public libraries go when compared to the large buildings surrounding it and around Rynasen, but as soon as any one might enter it would be quite evident how large the spectacle of a building truly is. In the day it's brightly lit up from the massive cylindrical glass roof, showing the stars at night, a sight Glimmer herself enjoys. While it is most certainly a spectacle of a library, inside and out, resembling almost a cathedral in some of the architecture, it also contains a handful of items, acting almost as a museum, when in reality they're just curiosities of Glimmer's studies.

It is of course open to all citizens, something maybe considered a bit odd for a dragon's horde. Organized by a rather anxious crew of workers, the interior is an impressive 6 stories tall (in humanoid terms), even taller including the study towers. Most of the floors visible from the bottom as balconies. Some common relatively "modern" emendates are available for visitors, with the staff allowing visitors to read books, and tables are scattered throughout for this very purpose. If one desired to leave with a book, Elder Glimmer would become involved, wanting to trade knowledge, for knowledge.

"The Market" - Sea of Goods - Horde of the Bronze Elder Vebran .

A wide section of the town with no immense buildings if a seldom sight but for this, it makes sense. A market, bustling almost daily as anyone who knows enough about Rynasen knows that it's a phenomenal place for farming and fishing goods, as well as a few select other unique items. No other town has dragons to work the fields and fishing boats after all! A large somewhat misshapen circle makes up the opening for the market, with dozens upon dozens of stalls lining the streets with a regulated open area both for Vebran and his personal horde as well as simply walking space for dragons.

Lanterns both oil and magic line the streets, some put up by the town officials, many ones attached to the modular stands almost acting as advertisements with unique colors that make quite a scene at night with some of them floating up in the air. Most stands look similar, akin to festival stalls, though many businesses have also went out of their way for flair, with it not being an uncommon sight to see a stand with 2-3 levels to it and a spiral staircase surrounding it, both for more inventory and for dragons who'd prefer not having to go humanoid form to simply purchase items at their "eye level".

Static businesses line the outer rim of the Sea of Goods, taking advantage of the hotspot, a couple inns, restaurants, bars and common goods stores, with the market stalls make up seasonal goods and specialties, like fish, harvest crops or things locals make to sell. Last but not least is the center, home of the Elder Vebran and his spectacular horde of wealth. Vebran can only be approached with his express permission, otherwise outsiders are likely to be stopped by his guards, and like most of the Elders is willing to part with bits and bites of his horde, but like any salesman would like payment.

“The Court Hall”: Court of Cosmos - Horde of Silver Elder Cosmos

Near the center of the town, attached to the main edifice for town officials affairs, is the court. It towers to humans, pillars large enough to even make most dragons look up in awe, its entry way like all others, large enough to fit the elders. The building is stone and marble with statues of various humanoids and dragons on the side, depicting past elders, and notable figures. Upon entry of the building one would find the massive structures interior a mix of spectacle and order, the floor practically glimmering in a marble pattern and interior just as awe inducing and ordery as its exterior.

Then, comes the court. The Horde of the judge, Elder Cosmos. When in dragon form he sits atop what he considers his treasure, the courtroom itself. A line of ‘chairs’ are lain around him, surfaces for other elders to sit at the far end of the courtroom with him at the center. The city’s second largest set of bookshelves lay here, human sized books, on bookshelves that line the back wall behind the Elder. Files, meticulously kept by him and his workers which could be seen scampering about, on every rule, regulation and law in Rynasen, records of every person, creature or thing that’s broken them, and a few sections dedicated to laws around the world, as it is helpful to Cosmos to have a reference for what travelers might be used to.The colossal room is lined with seats and stands for both guests, prosecutors, and the prosecuted. Lanterns hovering with a warm magic glow in an even distributed manner, and in the daytime, the glass roof of the courtroom, lined with abstract artworks pertaining to “order”, light up the entire courtroom in a spectacle of colors and spots. Like a vibrant nebula.

Cosmos, unlike most elders, is usually disinterested in any trades for info. His word isn’t quite law on its own but it’s the next best thing without all the elders around to vote. Any info a travelermight want would have him provide the info if he deems the cause of inquiry just.

The Farmlands: “Crescent Fields” - Horde of Copper Elder Jubilee

This district is often the first encountered unless boated into town or some other means of travel, though its sheer scale and intricate nature is unbeknownst to most. Crescent Fields covers almost half the land in Rynasen, which is saying something. If one would to view most of the fields from one of Rynasen’s many surrounding mountains, they would see a rainbow of colors circling the town like a protective, productive, barrier.

The fields are run by dozens upon dozens of farmland owners, residents and Jubilee herself as an overseer, one of the Elders most often in humanoid form, though that’s not to say she doesn’t keep her own crops. When dusk hits and the sky is made dark, the lanterns make themselves more evident, providing a picture rather consistent around Rynasen, a starry sky like landscape when viewed from the distance, covering thousands of acres of crops, varying in brightness and color depending on the owners preference. Guards patrol the area adamantly as its the 3rd “wall” between the actual wall and the mountains, even a night time.

Irrigation for these crops is city provided, Jubilee working with a few intelligent minds to orchestrate a water distribution system that can be spotted when known about. Tall bridge like structures, some water mills, and city provided stone waterways line the produce providing rim of the city like a beautiful web, and at the very center of this web is the Copper Elder’s horde itself. A large farm house, looking more like a mansion with its gated entry and floral front yard gardens, a path for vehicles, a barn, half a dozen greenhouses, and the largest owned plot of land in the city for crops all belonging to her and her family, her horde being that of rare plants, seedlings, trees and more. She is one of the homeliest elders there is, welcoming visitors with open arms, and willing to trade her rarer crops for an appropriate amount of cash, since she always can grow another.

The Hospital: “Weaving Ward” - Horde of Brass Elder Xeal

Weaving Ward, while it has a central location, acts more as an organization for the city of trained medical staff thanks to the Brass Elder Xeal. Its main buildings consist of a moderately sized structure fixed to the city walls, and the core structure as defined here, known most often as simply “The Ward”.

Like most of Rynasens structures, the building is made with dragons and humanoids in mind, with impeccable architecture, and though with a bit, its artwork is seldom compared to locals like the Court and Library. Instead it makes itself as welcoming and life bringing of an environment It is gated but open to public. The front of The Ward is quite commonly used as a park, with a small lake, a walking path, benches, water fountain and teems with nature despite its bricked path to make the entry to the building as evident as possible. Xeal stays at the top of his “castle”, if seen up there, he’s usually sleeping, often staying up working himself if not.

The manor like building is decorated in pale woods, smooth floors and brightly lit rooms and hallways, with services from magic, alchemy, psychological or even brutish “normal” medicine for any visitors that are stubborn enough to refuse traditional care. Kobold seem to be a favored staff member, energetically running around the building as the nurses and doctors are vastly varied, considered apprentices to Xeal.

The Elder himself considers the health of Rynasen and all peaceful visitors to it his horde. He comes off as modest, quite often in a humanoid form as Dragons seldomly require medical care. “Trades” with him like the other elders are more akin to Cosmos, albeit much more lenient. Xeal is a healer through and through and if one requires services he will eventually try to get a payment but is often simply happy to see visitors well.

The Barracks “Star Tower” - Army of Steel Elder Minerva

While not evident thanks to the mountains, and the village’s bustling but rather peaceful nature, Rynasen is walled off even more so than simply by mountains. Walls big enough to be taller than even the Elders line the city perimeter, with intermittent towers lining it as guard posts, and one stands out even more. The only visible structure of Rynasen from the outside, if not thanks to some magic cloaking it from outside view, Star Tower.

One barely has to think as to whether or not this awe inducing structure is the tallest in Rynasen or not. It is. It winds at the bottom with a stairwell going up, steps big enough for dragons, and a second set for humanoids, with a gate and interior for the prior. Star Tower even has what seem to be like other towers protruding from it, all to keep a full watch of the surrounding area. Its staff consist of the main police force of Rynasen. The Star Guard. Clad in steel armor, their weapons and forms vary but the rules and training they follow are as sturdy as the city walls themselves. Most of the staff reside within the various towers around the wall, but Star Tower is where the training grounds and beginner barracks are, as well as most of the guard standard gear, weapons and mounts.

Minerva, the war commander of the guard, is an impressive woman. Her silver elder dragon form fitting at the top of the tower, under its roof where she herself can keep watch. Her humanoid form being almost as deadly as her natural one. She has nothing to offer from her horde as her horde is the guard itself, and they of course are not for trade. But, she is willing to train and offer resources of those she deems worthy.

Last but not least with Star Tower is the penultimate power of Rynasen. The Guardians, a group of dragons highly trained in both forms as “Super Soldiers”. They can be seen even outside the city, patrolling the lands around Rynasen in ways tower sentries could only dream off, and performing feats even more fantastical. Star Tower’s main purpose lies here, as a hub for these heroes.

The Inn :“Nebulous Residency” Home of the Mercury Showrunner

While not an Elder, “The Showrunner”, as his many names have eluded him and most who remember the various names he’s gone by are unsure of which to go with other than “The Showrunner”, is one of the most characteristically intriguing characters you may find in Rynasen. His Inn, known almost infamously as The Nebulous Residency, is a portion of the reason some townsfolk consider him almost one of the Elders if not for his type. This Mercury Dragon, sometimes shortened in name to “Sho”, is an eccentric entertainer, and his building provides him and his staff the mean to give the best service, show and central hub to both tourists and the fisherman in town.

The Nebulous Residency is structures massively like many of the large business buildings in Rynasen, though this one comes off almost like a manor met a circus and had a food producing offspring, with various architectural styles, colors and all around. It acts as an inn, a restaurant, a tavern, a home to a few and a theater to many. Shows from local talent are held there, and often presented by Sho himself, most often seen in his humanoid form, dressed like a noble if the noble ate the wrong types of mushrooms and found a closet full of paint.

His Horde, the business, provides the simplest version of Elder trade there is, pay him money for food, a room, a concert or any other thing and that’s essentially it. He’ll often string along his guests to crazy tea parties, subbing tea for hard liquors and signing on one of the many large open, tree holding balconies on the building.

The Armory: “Singularity” - Horde Emerald Elder Neza

Higher into the mountains than most of the city goes, though lower than the cloud covered Star Tower, a stone and brass structure can be seen billowing out smoke at a constant rate. Its high enough into the mountains to be gathering snow, and travelers would be told not to go to it without a guide. If one were to attempt to traverse towards it, they would find themselves attacked by an onslaught of dozens to hundreds of traps, all of which de-lethalized, but dangerous enough to cause absolute panic with every step.

If one were to make it after such a journey, they’d arrive at a mechanically advanced, constantly moving structure, the source of many of Rynasens weapons, the Singularity. Named as such due to the effect its creation had on the city. The Singularity is, of course, Rynasens Armory and Forge, run by the gem Dragons’ representative, Elder Neza. She’s the only one able to rival Glimmers immense intellect and Sho’s inscrupulous madness, being both incredibly intelligent and incredibly paranoid at the same time, explaining most of the traps she herself had to de-lethalize thanks to her old habits of making them so obsessively.

Regardless of her paranoia, she recognizes her own mental issues and is rather warm and welcoming to strangers. Just… no sudden movements. Her horde, the Armory, can provide hundreds of weapons a day if given the metal, and the trinkets she makes on her spare time come off as rather advanced bits of machinery. As an Elder, she likes to trade like any other, willing to provide items or at the least blueprints with an acceptable trade of cash or materials for her facility.

Fertile Sector : “Stardust District”, Horde of Iron Elder: Flahnigo (Flahn)

Through the bustling streets, smell of fish, darkness inducing shadows of Cosmos’s court and the entirety of Rynasen, is a small district of buildings not talked about often. But at night, its one of the most vibrant places in the city. A warm glow consumes the area as rose, reds, yellows, whites and more bring the the Elder Dragon Flahnigo’s district to life.

Aside from the Nebulous Residence, the Stardust District is one of the most entertaining parts of town, music playing from bards around every corner, rather illustriously dressed men and women freely roaming about or showing off within the buildings themselves and all of it set on top of Rynasens less.. Savory portion. The breeding district. Many dragons still retaining more primal instincts to reproduce and the flamboyant hunk Flahn is more than happy to provide such services. The equivalent of a red light district of brothels, strip clubs and more are run lawfully thanks to Flahn being an elder. Anything the Elder Flahn has to trade in his horde of lust and fertility is likely not something most want to share, instead any who come to the district can expect a good time, and possibly end up a little tainted if they let themselves have too good of one. Gods can only hope some of the travelers don’t become part of the “staff”.

The Planar Temple, worship of Pollux

Mirroring the Court of Cosmos is an equally impressive structure, its architecture similar but more extravagant, stained glass windows covering every space possible and its entry way as excessive as any architectures dreams could conjure. This is the only figure of religion in Rynasen, and while no one follows it strictly, not even the elders, and no one will impose it on others who follow other gods, it is the core faith.

Upon entrance, it is undeniably a temple for gods, though of which, is unknown. Instead of artworks of important figures and idols, instead of symbols of the faith and prayers, the entire temple is made as a zone for meditation, for humans, dragons, or anything similar. Rynasen architecture repeats again as the stained glass windows create a lightshow only rivaled by aurora borealis, if even that. The only symbol discernable around the entire divine structure is a repeating emblem, looking like a white opal. Simply a circle with prismatic colors shimmering at different angles.

There are many spots around the temple that seem rather excessive, the archways outside, the balconies closer to the stained glass inside, the spectacular open geode arched walls, displaying a violet shimmering wall of oversized crystalline structures, and a few indoor fountains around what can only be described as “meditation areas”, each adorned with the gigantic skulls of fallen Elders and an art piece with the opal-like symbol at the center.

Info on the creators of the temple are unknown, and while the elders know the most about who its meant to worship, knowing the name tells nothing.

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