(a.k.a. The Curious, The Grand Archmage)

Divine Domains

Magic, Knowledge, Trickery

Holy Books & Codes

Shrines: When it comes to shrines, it is expected to leave bits of paper, ink, or coins to help keep the shrine operational. However, it is also traditional in some areas to leave a slip of paper with the name of your favorite spell, to give you better luck when you next cast it.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A five fingered hand with an eye in the center

Divine Goals & Aspirations

As the god of magic, Venichis main purpose is to explore the possibilities of magic and knowledge until everything has been learned. As he has lived since the beginning, this is mostly complete, but he is always still learning.
Venichis Holy Symbol.png
Holy Symbol of Venichis by Erik Baldassano
Divine Classification
True Neutral
Aligned Organization
Related Myths


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