Vinichis' First Steps

The story of Vinichis' First Steps upon the world is about the creation of life itself. Starting with the elves, and eventually making his way to the other races of the world as well.


Near the beginning of time itself, Venichis decided to walk the earth to find the answers to life itself. He came down from the heavens and started in the great forests. It was upon there that he felt the wind that glides between the treetops, making the beautiful rustling of the leaves. Curious about this wind, he reached up and gently grasped upon the wind itself, and started to form it into harsher angles of a humanoid shape. This resulted in the first Elf, upon which his power infused it with life. This created Aerilum, the god of Elves. Upon his creation, he bowed before Venichis and swore that those born like him would rest under his care for eternity. Venichis then called him the god of elves, accepted his pledge, and moved on, allowing Aerilum to carry on his ways.

The god traveled far and wide before coming upon the land of dragons, which were as old as he was. There, he found rival factions of dragons ready to fight. On one side, the great rainbow dragon Chromnis, and upon the other, Průhledná. Between them, sat Pollux who did everything he could to make them stop. Annoyed by the dragons in his way, he grabed the two sides that were fighting, and tossed them across the earth away from one another. This simple act, made them the gods of dragons. Pollux however, instead of getting in the way of the god, moved to the side, to which, Venichis patted him twice on the head. Pollux himself is said to be more powerful than many gods by this simple act, but he has not been seen since this happened.

Venichis walked further into the woods and came upon a mountain cave, which he entered into its depths to find nothing but the darkest of stone and dirt. But eventually he came upon a vast underground complex, where the glint of precious metals shone like stars upon the entirety of the cavern. Exploring this cavern, he quickly became lost, and found that he needed a guide. As such, he picked upon himself a great boulder, to which he carved another chiseled shape. The boulder itself was stocky and rough, and so became his second creation, which was the king of Dwarves himself, Olänn. He as well Knelt before Venichis and offered his services, promising to protect those who followed him in exploring the earth.

Venichis noticed that the cave was dark, and allthough Olänn could see clearly, Venichis was left in the dark. And so, he had him dig through the earth, and found glints of metals, to which Venichis also grabbed and twisted its form into a smaller form of the dwarf, creating the first Gnome, Paratel, the god of gnomes. Venichis soon learned this was a mistake, as the curiosity of the god of gnomes got the better of him, setting Venichis' robe aflame mere moments after his creation. Venichis cursed the gnome and his bretherain, as he was the first not to Kneel before him, the gnomes would forever be cursed by their curiosity. to which venichis left the caves and returned back to the overworld.

Upon reaching the overworld he traveled farther until he reached a beautiful pond, surrounded by fields of grain around it. Venichis admired the pond and dipped his hand inside of it and attempted to grab it like he did the wind, the rock, and metal. But the water simply fell from his hand into a smaller puddle. From that puddle of water in his hand grew the first halfling, who simply sat in the hand of Venichis, and talked with him. This was the halfling god, Taganum.

Impressed with this small beings relaxed nature, Venichis asked Taganum what he would like out of existance. Taganum said plainly that the sun never moved, and over time, he would enjoy nothing more than a reason to rest. Accepting this request, Venichis reached to the sky and grabbed a beam of light, and molded it into Calprecis, the god of the sun. He told Calprecis it was his duty to ensure that the sun would always move to keep the halflings request kept. And so, Calprecis made the cycle of day and night.

Venichis left his new friend to his life and traveled yet again. This time, he traveled to the tops of the mountains, and found great pools of lava bursting forth from the ground, and setting things aflame. Curious about this, he reached out to grasp the flame and was burned by its pure ferocity. That ferocity and the touch alone created Ladisus, the first orc. Who proceeded to come to life purely to attack Venichis. But Venichis was quick, having known the world for longer than any other, and placed a curse upon Ladisus. Whenever the rage of Ladisus would have torn something asunder, instead it would harm Ladisus, bringing their pain to him. Ladisus roared in rage at this, and attacked Venichis again, which healed Venichis' burn, and the burn appeared upon Ladisus' own hand. Ladisus flew into an even greater frenzy, and attacked everything that moved, giving it new life. And thus began the birth of spring.

Venichis traveled again for a long time before coming to rest at a river. He had used one of every element and could control each without error. Air, Earth, Water, Light, and Fire. He found his hands could give life to the unliving, even when he didn't want it too. But still Venichis felt that could not be the answer he was looking for. He looked upon the river and saw earth mixed with water, creating clay. He picked up the clay and found it was easily moulded, easily formed, and could create anything his heart desired. Excited at finding about mixing elements together, he set upon his next work with haste.

He took the clay from the earth and the water and brought it before Olänn, who in his absence made a vast kingdom of dwarves to reign over underground, with fire at their beck and call. Olänn used the heat from the fire, and the wind to make the fire hot to bake the clay into its form. Venichis took the baked clay out from the underground kingdom at twilight, and with the last rays of sunlight and dark, Venichis put a ray of life inside of his creation, which breathed its first breath. He had created a human, who he knew upon its birth had endless potential and possibilities. He taught the human of the ways of life, and set him out to find the answers of the universe.

It was after this, that Venichis decided that his work was far from complete, and scoured the world to create new forms of life, simply for the sake of creating life. Nobody knows if Venichis ever finished his task of creating life, only that the god keeps to himself in the heavens, always learning new things in his realm of vast libraries. The first human is also said to be the first creature he created upon which was not a god, but his potential more powerful than any immortal could ever hope to have.

Historical Basis

So far the only proof for the story happens to be in the word of mouth stories from the oldest of families, and religious documents.


This myth is widespread, however many argue which gods were created first, especially between the dragons and elves deciding which one was made first given the circumstances of the story.

Cultural Reception

Each race portrayed in the legend is proud of their ancestry, and owe their skills directly to the god of magic, and the safekeeping of their gods respectively. Only the humans find the story hard to believe, and many think that it was Valturra who asked Venichis to create humans in his image, instead of whipping something up from clay.

Date of Setting
This story is supposedly from the begining of time itself.
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