The god of the Vita, the wind, and elves.

Divine Domains

Air, Elves, Survival

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An upright palm holding a leaf.

Tenets of Faith

  1. Maintain thy composure in all situations.
  2. Respect thy home and the home of thy neighbor.
  3. Repetition, Patience, Practice, Perfection
  4. Mix not that which causes sickness, with that which grants life

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Born to protect the world with his power over the wind, Vivere has chosen to lead the elves by example of the land. Showing them how to freely move through the wilds, protecting themselves, and surviving in even the most dire of circumstances. It is his goal to bring paradise, and peace to his followers in the afterlife, armies of souls in the afterlife to ensure the survival of the cosmos for as long as possible.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Created at the birth of the world when Tutella brought before Venichis the essence of the first wind upon the settled world of Pondera. That pure wind was infused with divine power, and brought to life the divine savior of the elves Vivere.

Vivere gave his word to help protect the barren wasteland of Pondera and set about attempting to do so immediately after his creation. He noticed there were few places to hide from the sights of the demons above, and so, breathed life into the wasteland using the wind to grow the first trees.

The trees that were created died as quickly as Vivere could breathe life into them. So, he created a tree, grabbed a leaf from it, and breathed life into it, creating the first fey creatures. Though their lives were not eternal, they protected the trees, and did what they could to find harmony within their branches, and assist one another. These helped the trees last longer, however, they could still not live a long time, to help provide shade.

During this process, Vivere noticed that Olänn was created, and would destroy the very earth itself to protect those who reside upon it. Vivere believed that only life could protect life, and offered a challenge to Olänn that his mountains could be bested only by the winds that Vivere produced. Accepting his challenge, the god of the mountains proceeded to blast his mountains as tall and as impenetrable as they could. Yet this was not enough.

Vivere blasted the Mioiarann Mountains for ages, destroying rocks, and creating sand that covered the earth in a fine powder. To help even more on this assault, he approached the fey creatures he had built, and planted within the hollow of a tree the seeds of creation. Inside this hollow birthed the first Wild Elf. He grew them up, taught them the ways of combat, and built an army that he sent into the earth to show Olänn the errors of his ways.

Vivere believed in his message on life, and the belief that it was life attacking anything that would force it to bend the knee, and refused to let up his reletnless attacks, as did Olänn refuse to accept that the mountains were in fact penetrable, as his own armies of Dwarves clashed against Vivere's Elves.

As ash from Paratel and his followers began to rain upon the world, the armies of elf and dwarf fell upon each other. The damage and deaths above the world, and upon it were as countable as the grains of sand created by their fighting.
Divine Classification
Aligned Organization


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