Divine Domains

Fire, Knowledge, Gnomes

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born as the 3rd god created by the touch of Vivere, Paratel was formed from the fires of creation deep within the Mioiarann Mountains. A god so volatile in power even before his formation, that he burned every scrap of paper on Venichis' research since he started. But the flame kept what it destroyed, and as the god was formed, he was found both intellectually sound, and with a curiosity so intense, it lit even Venichis himself aflame.

Venichis was rightly upset at Paratel, and cursed him for his ways. Paratel would always be passionate, of this Venichis could change him no more than he could change the essence of fire itself. But just like fire, Paratel would feel the consequences of his passion far sooner than any other. Deciding to flee from his own creator, Paratel jumped, and dug into the earth, far from Venichis or the other gods, creating the Mountains of Flame.

After becoming so far removed from the other gods, but knowing all the knowledge that Venichis did, the god of gnomes tried to think of what he could do. Knowing was his existance, and destruction was his essence. But this lead to no knowledge of what his true purpose in the grand scheme of the cosmos was. It was than he decided that his immortal life should be devoted to finding out his purpose.

The first item on his agenda, as he noticed the everlasting armies of the Dwarves and Elves, was that, like his peers, he should create a species of his own. He himself ate the seeds of creation, and tore his own body into two. With his own half, he kept his name, and immortaility. But gave the other half an equal amount passion and height. He dubbed this first Gnome , Letar.

Letar fully embraced Paratel as his god and creator, and even so, as his equal in life. Yet, Letar quickly grew sad. For he knew that upon his death, Paratel would have none to enjoy the company of. Understanding his woes, Paratel used his magic to create a female duplicate of Letar, so that the two could perform the greatest of magics within the world.

The sky above Paratel and his new companions worried them greatly. So the three set off to find weapons capable of destroying the demons from the raw resources of the world. Into the mountains they dug, and for every new resource they found, they experimented, and the materials from Paratel were set aflame. The mountains themselves were an experiment, where their bellies were set on fire, and constant churning ash started to spread throughout the world as snow.

Divine Classification


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