Said to have been brought into existance by Venichis after being given life via a boulder from beneath the earth near the Mioiarann Mountains. The god of Dwarves.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Treated as a divine ancestor of all Dwarves, Olänn is treated as the pinnacle that all dwarves, man and woman should aspire to be. Steadfast, courageous, and never willing to back down from family or traditions no matter the odds. Olänn wishes to teach his followers of the way of righteousness, and aspires to ensure the original traditions of the dwarves are always upheld, so that they may join him at his side in the afterlife to prepare for the final battle of existence itself.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

After being brought to life by Venichis, Olänn promised that his mountains would be enough to fend off any foe, and would protect the world no matter the cost. Annoyed by Olänn's promise Vivere guaranteed that the mountains would eventually fall to the demons above.

Demanding proof, Olänn found his mountains constantly whipped away at by the wind, to where he constantly grew them, causing tremors in the earth. This caused the earth to be covered by a thick layer of sand. Annoyed by the constant assault on his mountains, Olänn brought forth metals, and while growing the mountainsides, forged the first Dwarves.

It is believed that the dwarves bodies were formed of metal, and their eyes crafted from crystals. They set forth to create a truely impenetrable city, and fought against armies of elves created to serve Vivere.

Tutella approached Olänn as he finished the first of his dwarves, looking for a new weapon to help protect the world, as the hordes approaching were not yet enough. He brought before her rivers of molten stone deep beneath the mountains, to which she grabbed the flame from within them, and brought about Olänn's brother, Paratel, the god of Gnomes.

Divine Classification


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