I pursued the darkest shadows of the east

by ascending mountains vast and tall.

I brought thine tribute, such vast a feast

and witness darkness, come suns fall.

twas there I spoke, I pray so divine an oath,

"I bring nothing, and to nothing I dread,

I come in body and spirit, for nothing, I am both.

I seek a realm to answer, what is neither live nor dead."

Twas then thy world was shrouded, forever dark,

seeing not light, nor life, nor caress of winds brushing.

Towards mountains peak I turn, and before me was thy arc,

before me, vast and everything, yet empty and nothing

But from nothing he came, and so I froze, with naught to run to.

Twas God of death, endowing fear, when he spoke, "Welcome... to Ummortu."

~Waldo Roccoco, Sonnet of Ummortu

The home of death, undeath, and shadows. No light shines in Ummortu. No life truely 'lives' in Ummortu without the touch of death assisting them. As a transitive realm, One can traverse Ummortu to expedite the process of traveling through the mortal world, but at great risk to the traveler. Everything that forms from nothing, or evil, is said to come from Ummortu, however, if one looks, one could potentially find the traces of good within the realm as well.

Ummortu can be accessed in certain sections of the material plane via hellgates, through specific spells that allow planar travel, and in some cases, certain sections of the cosmos have a direct link to Ummortu, but be careful. Entering a realm of shadows can sometimes be a one way trip.


Ummortu is separated into three distinct traveller regions. Stepping off of the mortal realm, one can see the mortal realm from its shadowy figure. As if everything was cloaked in darkness. Traveling along this realm takes much less time than on the mortal world, and is where the majority of travelers through the realm will gather. From here, one may find that things are similar to how they really appear in the mortal world, but familiar locations may be torn down, destroyed, or in a different area than they remember. Things in Ummortu always feel wrong compared to how they are normally, and the plane itself will not let you forget that.

Going deeper into the realm of shadows, one can find tunnels that go into the earth that do not naturally exist on the mortal world. Upon entering these tunnels, the traveler may experience discomfort, and find themselves more alongside the vast quantities of Undead , and dark energies that animate them. In Kuraudosukurēpā this is also the home to Oni, and the darkest of creatures within Ummortu, who wish harm upon the living. Here, one would find a wide variety of landscapes, in colors opposite that they would find on the mortal realm. Snow peaked mountains are black, and lush fields of grass have a blue tinge. Even the traveler themselves have inverted colors from normal.

Going into the third lair of Ummortu is a closely guarded secret among its residents. This third layer is the realm of nightmares. Where fear and chaos run amok. It is said that traveling through this third layer, one could reach anywhere that has a shadow, but none have lived to prove it feasible to do so through one of the most dangerous realms in the cosmos.

Alternative Name(s)
Realm of Shadows, The Negative Energy plane, Nightmare Realm
Dimensional plane
Location under
The Transitive Realms
Included Organizations
Owning Organization
The Morvit
Characters in Location


Author's Notes

Ummortu is the combination of the negative energy plane, a realm of nightmares, and the shadow plane.

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