Called the realms of the light, or birthplace of the fey. This location is extremely high in magical power towards the forces of light. It encompasses everything, and connects all living creatures together.
"And so he saw the world in a vision, and, with his first breath, gave the world vitality." The scripture is certain, but what is not certain is if he gave birth to the world, or gave birth to Vitium, the realm of life itself. What those who have full faith in Valturra will guarantee you however, is that all life comes from the soul, and all souls are born in Vitium, at his will.

Excerpt from Father Bellmonts Sermon, Priest of Valturra

The home of Fey, and said to be the birthplace of the divine itself, Vitium is everything that encompasses the life of mortal ken. Most scholars disagree on wither Vitium or Anima is the birhtplace of the soul. What is absolutely known is that clerics who have a firm belief in god, get their powers over undead, and abilities to cure ailments of the sick and wounded indirectly from this realm.

Those who dream, or seek to travel the vast outer worlds itself, travel directly through Vitium to where they need to go, as it is by far the safest way to be able to return back to the mortal world. Pondera. Though this is done through magic, it is said that certain places around the world may have a more direct connection to Vitium.


The realm of Vitium is a vast forest of permanent dawn. "The birth of all things begins only as the first light touches their life" is what many who inhabit the realm say about it. It leads to many beautiful colors washing their way through the clouds. If one could see them. The treetops extend for what look like miles, and entire civilizations could exist in a single trunk of the grandest of trees.

At the top of each tree, lies a fruit, however small or large, that when peered into, one could see the remnant of a dream, long forgotten from memory. These fruits sustain of the majority of fey who inhibit Vitium, requiring no farmsteads or other agriculture throughout the realm. In certain areas, fruits are more chaotic, and swirl miles above the ground in exotic colors. Those who project themselves into the realm can find that these fruits are portals directly into the afterlives of the cosmos, allowing them to pass through.

Throughout the realm, there are pockets that travel for miles underneeth the earth below, and form portals that radiate a light so pure, that it is said to be the fires of creation itself. Those who travel too closely may end up getting destroyed, even by just the light that eminates directly from this hole. Native creatures of Vitium set up mirrors upon trees to help this natural light travel, though the light of the entire world never gets brighter than dawn itself.

Alternative Name(s)
Astral Realm, Dreamscape, Positive Energy Plane
Dimensional plane
Inhabiting Species


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