A plane like no other, Elulaith is created but the long forgotten Cult of Iridescence. Its creators attempts to emulate the Astral plane are somewhat evident at first glance, landmasses free floating in space, the sky speckled with galactic imagery and something akin to a constant aurora borealis.


Excluding the central City of Iridescence, named after the founding group. Elulaith could be best described as innumerable floating islands, many simply stone, but mountain ranges, lakes and the forests surrounding them can be found as well, some created by the founders, but some others simply being of a life of their own from the dawn of its creation.

Fauna & Flora

Primarily dragons and their blood brethren are found around the plane first most, but many flying creatures, like birds, thrive in the plane as well. The wild areas of the plane, as seldom as they can be, can sometimes be found populated by various wild animals, likely old pets of previous residents who were set loose, reproduced and evolved.

Natural Resources

Due to the geographic diversity of the plane, mining is a very productive industry in Elulaith, foresting being second most common in natural resource extraction thanks to tree farms.

Alternative Name(s)
Plane of Elulaith, Realm of Reverie, The Timeless Thought, Gift of Pollux
Dimensional plane
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The Transitive Realms
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2 star submission for Kaelyn: Level 12: 10%xp= 1200xp 2/23/2019

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