Time with Elulaith

Upon its very conception, Elulaith was disconnected from our river of time, becoming indisputably unique in its very existence. Non-natives do not age, do not tire, do not hunger. Upon leaving Elulaith one will find themselves in the exact same time and place as when they left, with barely a few seconds passing.


Elulaith’s interaction with the outside world is non-existent time wise. Metaphorically speaking, it is entirely separate from the rivers of chronological possibility of the other planes. The only way to enter Elulaith, thanks to its man made nature, is via specially crafted Gateways.



These structures vary immensely in design and look but all function identically. To use the gate, a key must be used, followed up by using the Gateway’s codebox to input a time using Elulaith’s chrono symbols. A golden rule to remember with Gateway’s is that one cannot leave through another, you exit through the same Gateway you enter, and upon exit, arrive back in the exact same time and place you left.



Every single gateway uses a unique key, a common one is a vocal keyword, but literal key items exist as well.


Chrono Symbols and The Astral Clock

Within Elulaith lies an unimaginably sized relic floating in the sky, it resembles a clock, with hands, and symbols one might think are supposed to represent numbers. But they do not, the clock hands move seemingly into a random position every hour, the only thing that’s certain is that no hour and date have the same symbol rotation, ever. People use these symbol combinations to access Elulaith at certain desired times when using Gateways.



With all of Elulaiths chronological quirks, or lack thereof, it puts itself into a position that allows travelers from differing Timelines to enter it. This does not mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things aside from contributing to Elulaith’s population considering its extremely enigmatic status. The only side effect of interest is when two of the same people from very similar timelines enter, which results in a merge.


The Merge

An extremely rare event when two people by chance both exist in similar timelines, and both enter Elulaith. The two bodies and souls merge upon contact, albeit not permanently. The oldest of the two souls, if substantial, often seems to take priority in control, but more often than not there’s a notable change in personality in subjects that seems to indicate these merged entities are more like a 3rd new entity.


The laws of Elulaith only apply when inside the realm itself.

Metaphysical, Astral


Author's Notes

3 Star Submition for xp for Kaelyn Ar'Khalis. 13th level character (15%=1950xp!)

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