The realm of spirits, the ether and souls itself. Anima is said to be the birthplace of the spirit once a mortal is born.  

Take one step into Anima, and you find the mists of the Etherium. Take two steps and you find the spirits, and souls of those who live there. Take three steps, and you find the spirits of all other things. But heed this warning to never take that fourth step, for none have returned from those depths.

Ragna Creekwater, Journeyman wizard of Atrum Caedes

Considered the realm of spirits, it is said that Anima is the birthplace of a soul. This has not been verified as of yet, but those outside of animism, and other scholars say that Vitium is the birthplace of light. Though these ideologies and theories persist, what is known is that Anima is a holding place for certain souls itself, mostly for those who have already lived.


In Anima there are two different geographic locations within the world. first, is the steps inside the Etherium, where creatures closest to the living reside. Spells that work by crossing into anima, only allow access to this section. From here, one would see grayed mists for miles around, alongside the prime material plane, Pondera.

In the vast distance of Anima when you first step foot inside, you can see shimmers of color deeper within the plane itself. This is where the spirits of the world reside, especially those who are worshiped in the Animism belief. here their forms are more true, more exact, and more forboding than if one were to encounter their basic forms on pondera. The geography of the realm is even more extreme than on pondera itself. Where pondera would have a waterfall, the same waterfall in Anima is the same hight, but looks much grander, taller, and gives the true spirit of the land itself.

Past the realm of spirits in Anima, lies another vast plane that is shrouded in a great mist. From what those who have traveled near it have said, others have gone in, but never come back. Nothing is known about this area beyond the lair of the spirits.

Alternative Name(s)
Etherial Realm, The Etherium, Spirit World, Soularium
Dimensional plane
Location under
The Transitive Realms
Owning Organization


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