An order of wizards who travel the planes looking for lost magical knowledge and artifacts, who use their magical knowledge to horde artifacts and gain power in political, economic, and magical spheres. Made up of mostly wizards, swift blades, artificers, and war mages the guild looks after its own and relentlessly pursues magical knowledge even if it could end up hurting those outside of the guild


The Structure of Atrum Caedes encourages its members to better themselves in all aspects, each rank gives its members access to more resources, the great library, magical items, and increased influence in the guild. Being a member of the highest levels grants access to the most guarded secrets, spells, and private studies and laboratories in the top of the tower, along with access to the most powerful magical items.

Student: Focuses on learning the basics of combat and magic, pays dues by making small magical items (such as Everburning torches) or alchemical items

Acolyte: Able to cast 1st and 2nd level spells, does easy missions and community outreach to improve the standing of the local guild

Apprentice: Able to cast 3rd level spells, can be taken as an official apprentice of higher ranked members

Swiftblade: An alternate path that the Apprentice can choose instead of becoming a mage, they enter the exotic path of a swiftblade and become the direct apprentices of the MageLord

Artificer: An alternate path to the normal member, Artificers are in charge of creating magical items and constructs for the benefit of the guild, they are supplied with all mundane materials and a luxurious workshop for their crafts.

Mage: Able to cast 5th level spells, access to the library of knowledge and is able to take an apprentice, apprentice can enter library accompanied by the Mage.

Archmage: Able to cast 7th level spells, Able to take multiple apprentices, full access to all areas of the guild

The Council:  takes part in decision making in the guild. and is able to cast 8th level spells. There can only ever be 7 of this rank including the MageLord.

MageLord: The highest rank, in charge of everything to do with the guild, and has access to the guild funds and vault.

Public Agenda

To horde Magical artifacts, spells, knowledge, and everything to do with the weave. To create its own spells, rituals, and items and increase its power in various spheres to pursue their goals.


  • Limerick Quarries: A limestone quarry a half days ride north of Seconvale, The City of Smiles
  • Atrum Caedes
  • Southshore
  • Foundry
  • Cascadia


Aros 12, 605
First day that Orzhov opens its doors for international students.
Aros 20, 605
Orzhov officially becomes its own kingdom, peacefully secceeding from Drakenvald and becoming a sovreign nation, claiming the three cities of Soutshore, Foundry and Cascadia, and building the first buildings of Atrum Caedes.

The Strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must

Founding Date
Aros 12 605
Guild, Mages
Alternative Names
The Enclave
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Judicial Body
As a temporary assignment, Order of the Stonehas been selected as the judicial body of law enforcement throughout Orzhov, until a more formal system is applied.

Laws and Regulations

Potential Penalties

  • For crimes involving magic, a set time with forced antimagic equipment, but more severe crimes can have magic stripped should the magelord deem it necessary.
  • Petty crimes involve daily cleaning of streets and affected domicile
  • Fines up too 10kgp in value without forced labor.
  • Forced labor within the Crystal Caverns, or other community service needs.
  • Death Penalty as seen fit based on the crime.
Related Traditions
Neighboring Nations

Good Standing

The immortal leaders of Orzhov have found reasonable diplomatic ties with Drakenvald. Since Espeaux Shadowdirk was previously the queen of Drakenvald, and started many practices still used today, the people abide by her with favor, especially after her conciet of the crown when the successor appeared. Because of no animosity between the two countries, they maintain decent relationships with one another.


Gwilith is still apprehensive about a dark elf being a major foreign power within the world, though the trade relations between the two cities have helped to calm this apprehensiveness. After numerous times that Orzhov managed to force the students from gwilith into Orzhov to learn magic, tensions are only high between schools.

Cold War

Articles under Orzhov


Alignment: LG
Size: 44
Government Type: Magocracy














Ruler: Shadowdirk, +6 Stabilty, Economy
Councilor: NPC
General: NPC
Grand Diplomat: NPC
High Priest: NPC
Magister: NPC
Marshall: NPC
Spymaster: NPC
Treasurer: NPC
Warden: NPC

Optional Leadership

Thalia, Royal Enforcer +2 Loyalty

Edicts, Effects and Notes

Holiday Edict:
Promotion Edict:
Taxation Edict:
Lyre of Building: -2 BP for the first building created every turn in Atrum Caedes.
Dual Monarchy: Two people have leadership over the kingdom, both benefiting from the ruler bonus.


Atrum Caedes


Farm x18
Sawmill x36
Fishery x1
Mine x5
Plantation (Dyes) x1
Plantation (Coffee) x15
Road x12



Weekly Kingdom Check

Phase 1: Upkeep

1. Stability check DC 64.
2. Treasury of 36 - -7
3. Increase Unrest by +0

Phase 2: Edicts

1. Assign leadership.
2. Claim up to 5 hexes, build 5 Tile Improvements, and build 3 Buildings.
3. Build a settlement.
4. Army Phase
5. Holiday, Promotion, Taxation, Diplomatic, Exploration, Trade, and Vassalage edicts.

Phase 3: Income

1. Withdraw BP at a rate of 1BP to 1000gp
2. Deposit GP at a rate of 2000gp to 1BP
3. Sell 1 item per settlement to increase BP at 2000gp to 1 BP.
4. Make an Economy check. Divide by 3 then add 43. Gain that much BP into treasury.

Phase 4: Event

1. All settlements gain a chance to discover a new resource on the hex they are on.
2. Perform checks on all continuous Events.
3. 50% chance of a new event. If the kingdom phase is divisible by 5, a world event will also take place.



Author's Notes

3 Star Submission for Violet Shadowdirk (level 14, 2100xp)

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