Weicheir Drovelands

Mostly inhabited by those of The Therian Blood Curse, the Drovelands are a druidic society of Therian sub races trying to control their powers, urges and the spread of evil throughout the world.


After separating from Drakenvald in 603 due to an uprising of creatures wishing for a country to call their own, and a large section of the army still reeling from the large assault on their country. A large group of Therian Blood Cursed rose up to try and hold back an onslaught of forces on their own. These were the druidic masters of the region, called the balance. Numbering 18 in total, The Balance was made up of 18 different tribes of blood cursed, and was devoted to protecting the beautiful region they inhabited, to try and not allow it to be destroyed by the than corrupted Drakenvald. Thanks to a large uprising from the north from Gwilith, who supported not only their own independance but Weicheirs as well, they met with a final and decisive victory by pushing the soldiers of Drakenvald into AnatolĂ­ Lake, and watching them retreat back to their homelands.

Demography and Population

Making up 90% of the population, those afflicted by the Therian Blood Curse are the majority population of the area after the mass exodus to the area promised safety, companionship and familial ties to everyone throughout the world.

Tempered Instinct, A Focused Future.

Founding Date
Lanfast 10, 603
Geopolitical, Theocracy
Alternative Names
The Wolflands, The Wildlands, Country of the Cursed
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
Legislative Body
Due to the numerous, one could say hundreds of tribes existing within the Drovelands, most laws are created on a local scale, for and by the people to do as they please with it. These laws are usually set up in a tribalist way, with the leader of a tribe making and demanding respect. This respect helps to enforce his rule, and setting up the rules to flow throughout the tribes society.
Judicial Body
Though the tribalistic society fails on many levels to uphold the law in an area. Because of the centralized nature of the tribes, each tribe has a single permanent structure in every society. This is almost always assumed to be a prison by most ousiders, as it has chains, cells, and places for administrative officials to practice with minimal issue. Most ousiders are entirely incorrect about the purpose of these buildings however. Due to the Therian Blood Curse and its prevalance throughout the region, most societies act up, or grow restless during a full moon. Because of this, these buildings are made for temporary structurally sound housing for those who do not wish to harm others within their society. Strangely enough for outsiders as well. Common people guard these prisons day and night, as everyone within the community is expected to know how to fight. The Drovelands had to fight hard to separate from Drakenvald and it requires the effort of all within Weicheir to ensure the freedom the blood cursed seek. Most individuals will carry out the laws as they see fit on an individual basis however, meaning corruption would normally run rife throughout societies. However, this has not yet become a problem due to the family structures of each tribal society.
Official State Religion
Neighboring Nations


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