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The Arborole

The Arborole is a sect of six gods. Calpricis is the head deity, the bringer of life and all you see about you. He spends two thirds of the year alive, and the last of it dead, where he goes into the depths of the nine hells to rescue the souls of the damned. During this time his brother Jagkimn takes over, and covers the world in snow in order to track wildlife easier. But the cold is painful to Ladisus, the god of spring, and also the main god of the orcs. A rageful man, who takes death, disease and pain from others and absorbs it into himself by touch. This is how the earth heals for the spring, and rebirths itself. It is Tempri that oversees the dying Calpricis, ensuring him a merciful and painless death, as well as the bounty of his reign with the fruits of harvest. Mun Den Ti is one of the lesser gods in the pantheon, and is hunted as a different animal each year to appease Jaqkimn for his thirst for slaughtering creatures, and has been caught many a time. Adrados is the least powerful of the pantheon, but also considered the wisest, giving knowledge and helping her fellow gods in times of need or crisis. There are many stories about the gods, turning the religion into a fantastic story that one cannot tell if it is religious fact, or folk-tale fiction. Either way, the pantheon is held in high regard in most social circles.
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The Divines of Nature
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