Adrados Aufor

The stars, the moon, the night time sky, and all things that revolve around the universe. The knowledge contained within the stars, and the divinations of the ages that allow one to connect all things together by the common threads of destiny, and education. Adrados is all these things, and yet even more. In the The Pondarac Pantheon she is treated as a wise sage. In The Arborole she is the wife of Calpricis Aufor of the Sun and the wisest of all the gods of nature. Though she is regarded as simple to some, her role in the universe is more vast the the changes of night and day within the world. As the goddess of the night sky, and the universe above, many worship adrados for the chance to learn a fraction of the knowledge she has to offer, and the philosophies she expands upon.

Divine Domains

Good, Chaos, Destiny, Knowledge

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A moon with a star in the center.

Physical Description

Body Features

Skin as pale as the moons glow, hair as black as the night sky, and eyes that shine brightly, as if reflecting the sun itself, and a smile that matches that of a crescent moon.

Apparel & Accessories

Always clothed in her divine regalia, she wears what one assumes at a glance to be a bellydancers outfit. The cloth is black, wit hdots of white that shimmer and shine like the night sky. Pay close enough attention and one may find a familiar night sky in its midst.


Calpricis Aufor of the Sun

Husband (Vital)

Towards Adrados




Wife (Vital)

Towards Calpricis Aufor of the Sun



Legal Status


Divine Classification
The Arborole
Biological Sex


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