Calpricis Aufor of the Sun

Calpricis (a.k.a. The Warmth, Summer, King of the Sun, Breath of Heat, Bane of the Desert, Savior of the Sun, Spirit Protector, St. Ikenval)

Calpricis appears as a tall golden skinned male, with great strength, and a glow of warmth around him. His hair is short and curly, and matches his skin and eyes appropriately. Many depictions of him are in the nude, however recently an effort has been to have him portrayed with a white toga beset with golden trim, and his holy symbol pinned upon his shoulder to appear as a form of light armor covering. He wields beside him always his great morningstar "Sunset" which is said to contain the power of the sun itself.

Divine Domains

Good, Sun, Fire, Liberation

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A Sun with six emanating spouts of flame.

Tenets of Faith

Calpricis teaches his followers that the most important part of life, is not how one lives or dies, but what they do with that life. He preaches to give to others, and many a shrine or temple can also double as a safe haven or soup kitchen for travelers. His clerics preach love and charity to all those who are capable of both. They do however cast hateful feelings towards the undead, demons, devils, and other creatures that would seek to defile the soul, as it means Calpricis would have to save those who are impure from the realms of darkness that they control in the afterlife. Committing sin must be punished, but it is Calpricis who is the judge of who moves on after they die.


Popetiel 8, Calpricis Day. This is also known as the summer festival, where they welcome in the hot summer months to be ready for the sweltering heat. Ruff 17th, The Harvest Festival. This is a well known time of when all farmworkers are finished with their harvests and celebrate the season. It is also known as the day that Calpricis lays to rest and dies for his yearly journey into Infernum

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Calpricis wishes for all souls to belong permanently where they trulybelong, even if it is not among his own flock.


Calpricis Aufor of the Sun

Husband (Vital)

Towards Adrados




Wife (Vital)

Towards Calpricis Aufor of the Sun



Legal Status


Divine Classification
Circumstances of Birth
Calpricis was created from the rays of hope that enveloped the world.
Circumstances of Death
Every year, Calpricis dies at the hands of Tempri Ino, who quietly lets him pass during the harvest festival, in order for him to save the souls of the innocent from the realms of Infernum.
Golden with a radient glow.
Short and curly with golden glowing curls.


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