Ladisus is the god of madness, and the harbinger of spring to the world. Through most of the year, this giant orange skinned orc slumbers in the depths of the earth. His strength so powerful that his own snores cause the earth to shake. He spends the year, where it is the most warm, slumbering to deal with the pain of his life. When it gets cold, he awakens, in a bloody rage from his pain and suffering.

Ladisus, in his rage, lashes out to destroy anything near him. The curse laden upon him however is quite unique. The more he touches, the more grotesque he becomes, taking the paint of life and death upon himself. This treats the wounds of the living, and brings about the spring by granting new life to plants. He continues his painful rage Until the world itself is brought back to warmth by his tremendous roars and anger, waking up even the dead Calpricis and signaling the birth of spring.

When the warmth covers the world, Ladisus tires, and sets back to his slumber again. It is said that any who behold him would be set aflame by his rage alone, and be blinded from the appalling view of such a vile creature. All he caries is the tattered rags he wore before his immortality was set upon him, and the iron gauntlets seared into his fists, establishing his curse, and his eternal torment.

Divine Domains

Chaos, Healing, Madness, Hatred

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A fist clenching a flower or bouquet.
Divine Classification


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