Halfling True Democracy

Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Economic System
Mixed economy
Neighboring Nations


Cinerosa and Lochgrain both have great trade relations with one another. Lochgrain produces a giant surplus of food, helping against the constant warefare against Anguish . Cinerosa as a result, provides much needed protected to Lochgrain lands in as many forms as they can provide.


Lochgrain has never encountered Rynasen, however, they are plagued regularly by dragons, and call upon dragonslayers frequently for help. Rynasen disapproves of the practice, and actively avoid the area, but understand the fear within their society.


Due to poor negotiations on both sides, each kingdom has a seething dislike of the other. Steisen because Lochgrain does not grant them the grain they need at the reduced price of others, Lochgrain because they need metals, however Steisen attempts to negotiate too much for transportation for essential materials.


The two countries have come to a mutual understanding on trade. Lochgrain has no use for the resources of Samalat, and takes purely funding from Samalat to give them the vast amounts of food that Lochgrain gets. Samalat desires the lands of Lochgrain in order to feed their people properly.


Bordering on Paranoia, Lochgrain is afraid of the outlands power, and attempts to keep away from them if at all possible. The outlands have gained bits and pieces of the food quality from Lochgrain and would love to enter negotiations with them, however, the fear of retrebution from the outlands prevents any table meetings to even proceed with the idea of being formed.


Lochgrain maintains good relations with Grantidia, however, Grantidia spies are known to be everywhere throughout lockgrain.


Lochgrain fears the steel empires power and attempts to keep away from negotiations as much as possible. However, thanks to swav trade agreements with the steel empire, they choose to treat Lochgrain as an ally to keep their forces fed, using much better farming processes than the steel empire could ever hope to achive.


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