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Espeaux Shadowdirk

Espeaux Shadowdirk

"I know these stares. They are of hatred, and mockery, and for that, I understand the plight of the people before me. Dark Elves were brought underground, and were taught that all races of the surface and the underdark were beneath us... destined for slavery. But there was one who fit against the mold, and who told us that we were forced from the surface for a reason, and needed to make the world right again. Not by claiming the surface, but by making peace with those above, and assisting with the world above for the greatest good we can offer. Peace, prosperity and the shared information of knowledge between two parties."
"But I disagree with that information sharing. It is the belief of Linucem that the false goddess of the dark elves left her children to rot, because she knew of the good that existed in our world. Those who follow Linucems belief cast out the old ways and strive to make the world a better place. Together, without slavery, fear of entrapment, and the equality of those who seek the truth and the light, from those born in the darkness of the world. We gathered this stone today and we refuse payment for this service. It is not because we desire your city, women, children, and the death of men and mer... It is because we desire a place in the world where our people. our own flesh and blood have been cast out, and we desire that which all men who come here for gain."
"We desire freedom... the freedom to belong. The freedom to be friends, and the freedom to join a kingdom even if they fight against the people we call our flesh and blood... we desire freedom, so we may live the life we strive for."
"We hope today that we can bring the potential of those scorned races... The dark elves, Orcs, Trolls of a decent nature, and many others under scrutiny can be given the possibility of citizenship in this great city, in this great nation... in the world of freedom."
— Espeaux, after being rewarded by the city of Seconvale.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a name and family lost to history of the Dark Elf, Espeaux was a frail child. Born in a small settlement in Grott named Sael Solch. There she followed the customs of her house, performing the right of Calpa, and ensuring her place among the adulthood of her family. As part of her coming of age, she was given a slave for a pet, this eventually became Violet Shadowdirk, her closest friend, lover, bodyguard, and eventually, wife.
As part of her duties, she was given ██████ ██ ████████████, as her mother before her had taken care of, passed down through the generations of her family before reaching her. She looked after it with great care until she learned of a coup from a rival family to take it from her. Knowing her frail nature, and the aptitude of Violet, she gave the ██████ ██ ████████████ to her for safe keeping, and begged her to run for the surface, where she would one day see her again.
Espeaux evaded capture, by hiding in the sewers of her home while it was burnt to the ground. With the help of her magic, a bugbear and dark elf slave, she managed to escape the wreckage after two days, and quietly made her way towards the surface.
As is well known in Grott, the walls are ever changing, with a new pathway opening every day. Espeaux was smart, but not omnipotent, and as such spent over a year traveling in secret, avoiding the major cities of the underworld and taking food where she could alongside her companions.
It was during her travels, she found other dark elves, making their own way to the surface, and escaping the horrors of the dark elf society within Grott. These dark elves that she encountered told the story of the heracy of Linucem, the unofficial dark elf goddess of freedom. Hearing the stories of a mortal that defied the creator of the dark elves, and proved themself powerful over the goddess was intriguing to Espeaux, and she buried herself into what little knowledge she could hear or find on the subject.


Family Ties

Married to Violet Shadowdirk, her only remaining family member at this point in time.


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