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The Reaper Rahet (a.k.a. The Merciless)

When it comes to the divine, none are so powerful, or so well feared or respected as the god of chaotic death. Rahet travels the world, placing his hands upon those determined to die, and their life is immediately forfeit. Though Rahet spreads chaos and destruction, he also teaches his followers a valuable lesson about living their life to the fullest.

Unlike the other two Morvit , Rahet has never had a truly physical form. Instead, he appears as a black floating cloth, draped over a vague shape that one could not quite tell if it appears more human, or inhuman. When he touches someone, all he touches is a single thread of his cloth upon his chosen target, but never from the shape underneath the cloth.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A skull, usually painted red.

Tenets of Faith

Those who more closely follow the teachings of Rahet, would, at a glance, assume that it is an evil cult. But this could be no farther from the truth. Worshipers of Rahet specifically do so to avoid his wrath, and death for as long as possible. Not out of fear, but more out of respect.

Worshipers who go deeper than the surface find quite an alarming amount of tenents for worship. Worshipers should wear red, either as the holy symbol or deeper clothing. However orange is also an acceptable color, and throughout the harvest season it is not unusual to see worshipers wear pumpkin during festivals. This is due to the belief that "He cannot take you, if most others can see you."

For more advanced worshipers, such as Clerics , they must take two of 8 oaths to ensure fealty to Rahet. This includes the Oath of Equality, The Oath of Chaos, Oath of Mercy, and more.


Harvest Festivals

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Because Rahet is one of the Ummortu , he is assigned the duties of ending the life of those doomed to die suddenly. He approaches those without warning to ensure that those bound for the afterlife arrive swiftly, and as safely as he desires. Rahet is not considered good nor evil however, and may take payments or suggestions from creatures of the afterlife to kill those who would end up in their domain faster. His true motivations on how he picks, when, or why, are completely unknown past these points.

Divine Classification
Current Location
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Quotes & Catchphrases
"Life is not forever. All life must end, and there is nothing you can do to avoid that. Enjoy life now, you may not have tomorrow to enjoy it."
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