The Morvit

The three faces of death. In some cases, not a religion, but words of warning and ways to ease people into the inevitable through the stories of the faces of death

Upon the creation of life itself, death was created as its equal. The morvit themselves neither confirm nor deny if they were around for the birth of mortals, the divine, or even further back than that. All that they will tell you is what is known to each and every mortal. You will die, and for every death, the morvit will be there.

Of the three Morvit, Tempri Ino is the most well known. He is known as the deity of fall or the harvest in The Arborole and the close friend of Calpricis Aufor of the Sun . As a major god of death, Tempri eases a soul from life into the afterlife, telling them of the peace they have and the people they leave behind. They are a close friend, and a welcome warmth to those who pass.

Vagus the Wanderer was previously a Yugoloth, but travels to all realms of the afterlife as the ferryman of souls. He takes souls from their lives into the afterlife. It is said that those who belive they walk the path of evil may even be able to bribe Vagus, however, but souls may or may not be able to pay the cost.

The final of the Morvit is Rahet the Merciless. They travel around the world, ensuring that mayhem, war, and calamity follow in their very footsteps. Rahet is equally blamed for a freak accident by a cart and horse, and a war that ravages a countryside. Where he goes, he goes to obey the law of the world. The law being that the world is cruel and unpredictable, so you should enjoy life, with every waking moment you can. Else Rahet might touch your shoulder, and your last moments fade to nothing.

The Morvit, when not actively assisting souls, also have a fair amount of creatures to do their work for them, allowing them the freedom to do as they please. When not actively assisting mortals to their afterlives, all three have a realm within Ummortu

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