Beastlands of Evil Dragons


The structure of Anguish is divided into four distinct categories. The Arch Duke or Duchess, The Dukes and Duchesses, the Wyrms, and the cattle.

Ever since the inception of Anguish, the primary and sole leader is called the arch duke. They take their claim by force, and battle off opposing dragons as fiercly and mercilessly as possible. They control a vast majority of wealth within Anguish, totaling over fourty eight million gold pieces. The archduke is treated as both a king and high priest/priestess of Průhledná. Dukes are those within anguish that have been able to grow, and keep, their own personal hordes, defending them from other dukes or wyrms within the realm. Each duke takes over a central location within their lands, and alters the land however they see fit, to ensure their comfort and the complacency of the masses. Underneeth the duke lie the wyrms. These are dragons who have failed to obtain a reasonable enough horde of their own, and so are commanded by the dukes as knights would obey a lord. Only true dragons may become wyrms or higher. Everything else is treated as cattle. They are allowed only the right to be eaten, and the right to entertain their superiors. From there, it is the decision of those above their station on what each cattle deserves and how they are treated.

Public Agenda

The dragons within Anguish truely belive in a sole purpose. Dragonkind must take over all of life, as their birthright.


48Mgp. 17 castles, mostly dilapidated. 70k cattle.

Demography and Population

Overall, there are a total of about 600 dragons in Anguish, and 70,000 cattle to feed and entertain the 600 dragons. Death is very frequent for all species in Anguish. Overall, between infighting and eating cattle, death is practically second nature, and forced breeding programs for the cattle within, and the enslavement of surrounding countries of Anguish is an absolute neccessity in Anguish society.

Agriculture & Industry

Anguish, though mostly presiding in mountainous regions, has a thriving agriculture due to the volcanic activity throughout the mountains. Cattle work the land to feed themselves, the dragons, and each other. As a result, Anguish is astonishingly rich in spices, and quick growing crops.


There is not only a lack of education. The dragons of Anguish do not belive that cattle should learn at all.

Vers Svern Shio. Power Over All

Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Drake Mountains, Molten Portals
The Anguished
Head of State
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
Official State Religion
Official Languages


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