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Visandar the Unliving

Visandar the Unliving | Member Since 4 Oct, 2018
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Greetings, dear reader,   I, Robin Waldbrunner, writing under my pen name Visandar the Unliving, welcome you to my fantasy world Telek'Mil, trust me the names get better with time and usage.   I thank you very much for stopping by and take a look on my unfolding world. I had various iterations of this world and they all lacked structure, so i started to accumulate everything on this website.   I excuse myself for my lack of style or, refinement on this site, as i am currently in no place to worry about that. I might one day invest money in extended memberships, but till then i will be content with the free options i am given.   As I also like to call myself an artist all the art, or at least most of it, will be of my own creation. I do my best to convey my ideas and create a vivid landscape filled with fantasy creatures and magic.   To be honest this is more of a passion project and i doubt anybody will be really this interested or hyped, but i guess i wanted to share my thought with those willing to read them.   The world i create is a complex of 13 material planes and various divine and ethereal ones. I work on various elements of it and try to one day write a light novel featuring it.     I wish you the happiest of days and may the forces of decay spare you further.

Favorite Movies

The Hobbit

Favorite TV Series

Big Bang Theory

Favorite Books

Overlord light novels

Favorite Games

Enderal, a mod for skyrim with the best stroytelling and the most unique mechanics i have ever seen.