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Dragon's Breath

The third most powerful and destructive Sun Magic spell, coming in behind Sun Summoning and Ash Blaze, it has one of the most powerful and deadly flames. While its flames are stronger than Ash Blaze, it works at a slower rate giving more opportunity for manipulation and putting the fire out; the variation led to the spell being more common than Ash Blaze, while Dragon's Breath still being considered weaker. The spell is highly dangerous for its high heat, as it is more than twice the heat of Ash Blaze.


Main Effect

  The spell is known for producing some of the most powerful flames. All flames are usually around 1500 degrees Fahrenheit when leaving the Mage and will increase to around 3000 degrees at a peak. The flames are usually artificially turned blue by the Magic are instantly deadly. It is the hottest general use spell and has a high amount of skill needed to control the power behind the flames.  

Secondary Effects

  As some of the more powerful Sun Magic spells do, the Mage's internal temperature is increased beyond a normal point. Dragon's Breath is one of the more dangerous spells to the caster due to the increase in temperature. However, most Sun Magic Mages are able to withstand the increase of temperature to around 1500 degrees Fahrenheit; Dragon's Breath can increase the body's temperature up to 2000 degrees where it becomes deadly.


The spell manifests in flames that burn a bright blue, rarely signs of red or orange while white may creep in around the flame. Usually spilling from the Mage's mouth, it can also be generated from the Mage's hand in a way that will light everything around them on fire. Heat and the smell of smoke will usually fill the area, especially if it is in a contained area.


Drawn from the power of a Mage, it will usually drain the Mage's Magic, to be replenished almost right away, at a faster rate than other spells. A Relic may also be used to drastically increase the potent of the flames in a way that isn't replicable by spells other than Sun Summoning, Ash Blaze can come in a close second with a relic.
Spell Type
Type 2
Related Organizations
Related Discipline
Related School
Sun Magic
Related Element
Effect Duration
Varies based on Magic output
Effect Casting Time
Varies based on Magic Output
7 Power | 8 Skill

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Cover image: Cysian by Jacob Billings


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