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Lightning Dragon

In essence its a more powerful variant of the Lightning Arrow. Shorter range and higher Mana cost but where it hits only ashes and glassed earth remain.
— Helenia on the Lightning Dragon
  Lightning is one of the most powerful elements known to man. In raw destructive power, it is only eclipsed by Darkness/Void. Additionally, the element is used mostly for offensive purposes with only one truly defensive technique existing. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from deceptive light single person attacks to city-destroying disasters.  


  A massive lance of white-blue lightning, the tail rushing wildly in erratic motions behind a monstrous head. That is what those facing the attack will see. Their ears assaulted by a high pitched whistle. Anyone standing in the way of this roaring beast will have to either move or put all their power into their defences.   Those choosing to flee will have a hard task ahead of themselves for the attack moves with the speed of an actual lightning bolt. Defence is not much easier as even a low powered variant can blast through slaps of earth over a dozen meters thick. If charged with Mana the Lightning Dragon can easily obliterate entire city blocks.  


  Control over the Lightning Element is obligatory. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to focus on one's ability to control the flow, intensity and amount of Mana used.   These factors are extremely important when practising Lightning Magic. Since Mana charged with the Lightning Element will lead to discharges within the body which can cause anything from unnoticeable twitches to heart attacks.   Like all long-range attack spells, the Lightning Dragon has a higher Mana cost. Projectiles made from Mana need to keep their form intact while moving. If the Mana imbued in the attack runs out before it can reach its target, it will simply evaporate.  
OW! What the hell was that for?
Have you already forgotten the ground rules of Mana Manipulation? What does it say about attack spells outside of combat?
Eh...well...never p-point them in the direction of people or houses?
And what is ten meters in that direction?
Mister Elions...House. Ohhhh.
— A discussion about security
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Elemental Magic
Lightning Magic
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  • draw right foot and arm back
  • focus Mana in the Rune for Lightning
  • focus Mana around right hand, form it into a claw
  • move left hand infront of right hand
  • guide Mana through it and form layer around the attack
  • let your mind guide you and the Mana will manifest the Dragon form
  • intensify the Mana flow into your right hand and listen to the sound
  • a high pitched whistling signifies success. Launch right hand forward and cut Mana flow from body to launch attack

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Cover image: by Dominik Mayer


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