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Breath of the Sky Lizard

The largest and most expensive ship of the 6th Age, the Breath is owned by the Stareel family. A privateer ship, it made over 200 journeys across land and sea. With a dark black hull, and the expense to keep it so, its red sails were often seen as a sign of opulence and class, so much so that for 3 years after its berth in the Hetzen capital, red became the color in fashion, leading to using up almost all of the red stores for the next decade.

Power Generation


Weapons & Armament

Prow mounted harpoon

The Sky Lizard

  The Sky Lizard is a comet that passes around Shadowland skies every 1050 years. It was first mapped in the annuls of history by Pethuhain the Mad, who had a bet with Dewn that he could catalog something the other could not. He named the comet after coming back from the far north, having seen the rare creature and almost being killed by it.

The Other Sky Lizard

  The creature, from the far north is a reptile with a long snout, and membranes between their fore and aft legs that allow them to glide from icy clifftops to snatch airborne birds. They swim incredibly well, but with the extreme cold of the region they run the risk of death if they stay submerged too long. Some claim to have seen them breathe a cone of frost, but modern researchers see this as folk tails.

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