The cliff-side that jut out from the sands was shaped in a massive draconic skull. In the maw of the skull-shaped rock was a deep cave. It was here that Ayvaym had ventured across the Mawhiba Desert to find. He recalled stories of this place from his late parents.   Ayvaym flapped his wings and lowered himself at the entrance of the draconic shaped cave. He crept inside, not certain of what he would find. Very quickly the cave became narrow. Ayvaym folded his wings in and began to shrink. His wings and tail molded into his body. His scales turned into loose cloth and his skin went from copper to dark brown. Ayvaym had turned himself into a Sand Elf with a loose cloak. He continued on.   Venturing through the cave he found it quickly became a maze. On the walls were ancient paintings, most deteriorated beyond recognition. There were pedestals that at one point held pottery and other works of art. Raiders must have come through and stolen as much as they could. Ayvaym knew better, they were fakes. The real ones were hidden somewhere nearby.   He came to a dead end. Ayvaym was about to turn around when he felt a very slight difference in the air. He turned around and placed his hand on the dead end. The wall rotated, opening into a larger chamber. Ancient massive pillows rested at the center. The impression of a dragon was left behind. Ayvaym felt the presence of a dragon there, but there was no one around.   He walked toward the pillows and looked around more. The cavern was carved with the beautiful reliefs of the Sand Elf people. The paintings here were also deteriorated, but the carvings and pottery that were untouched here remained as beautiful as ever. Ayvaym was losing hope that he had come to the wrong place. This was the lost lair of an ancient dragon.   He was about to leave when he felt the presence once again, but stronger this time. Turning around to sate his curiosity, he saw a spectral form of an enormous Copper dragon. It dwarfed him and the size of his parents. Without moving its mouth it spoke to Ayvaym.   "Hello, young one. What has brought you to my abode?" The voice was soothing and calm. Ayvaym had not felt this comforted for some time. He gulped and spoke up.   "Amron, I have come to seek your wisdom. A great blue dragon by the name of Nadri has killed my family and claimed their lairs and hordes as his own. I am not strong enough to fight back and have no idea what I should do. I wish to end Nadri's reign of terror to this desert. What do I do?"   Amron, closed her eyes and smiled. "Nadri is a dragon who was just a wyrmling in my day. From the beginning, he strove to use tactics and subterfuge to accomplish his desires. Discovering the location of Nadri's lair is the first order of business. Beyond that, you must use similar tactics as Nadri to defeat him. Fight lightning with lightning."   "But how?"   "To the north of the desert lies the Wall of Skiak where the Dwarves and Moon Elves live. To the South lies the cities of the Oronians. Gather the help of powerful mortals. Information is your sword. Gather as much as you can and the secret to defeating Nadri will reveal itself."   Ayvaym bowed his head and Amron faded away. He walked out of Amron's lair. He would head north. There was a war to be fought.

Basic Information


Dragons vary in shape but their basic anatomy is the same. Each True Dragon has six limbs: 4 legs and 2 wings. They have tough scales, each dragon has its own color. Each also is equipped with a breath weapon.

Genetics and Reproduction

A majority of dragons reproduce sexually. They are also egg-laying creatures.

Growth Rate & Stages


Immediately after hatching is the stage that a dragon becomes a Wyrmling. They learn to fly after a few weeks and are learning the basics of their abilities along with language. Any latent magical abilities have not yet manifested. Dragons stay in this phase until they reach about 25 years of age.


A young dragon loses its Wyrmling scales, often giving their scales their final color. Any latent magical abilities start to manifest. Any dragons that have spellcasting abilities are at their most basic, allowing them to cast their simplest spells. In this stage, the dragon is working to begin their horde and locate the location of a lair. They are not as picky as their adult counterparts in where they collect the contents of their horde.


At about 100 years of age is when the dragon reaches its adult stage. Here they have grown to a considerable size. The dragon by this point has established its lair and becomes more selective in where it gathers for its hoard. The dragon at this point is likely an apex predator of its territory, aside from other dragons.


After 800 years of life, a dragon reaches the ancient stage. Unlike most creatures, a dragon does not diminish in strength and power. Ancients are among the most powerful creatures in the multiverse. As an ancient dragon, it will grow even stronger until it reaches the twilight stage. There are a few stages that a dragon will reach that are more honorific titles.
  • Wyrm - ~1000 years old
  • Great Wyrm - ~1200 years old


The twilight years are the only time in the dragon's life where its power diminishes. Some dragons may never reach this stage, skipping straight to death (even in old age). This stage only lasts a few years. It is at this point that a dragon chooses how it will die. Death There are several ways that a dragon can die:
  1. Dragon Graveyard - This is a place where dragons can choose to travel in which they will pass on like other creatures. Once a dragon makes it to a Dragon Graveyard they will themselves to die. A Dragon Graveyard is a place of intense magical energy as the corpses of dragons fuel the magic. The largest Dragon Graveyard is the Dragon Scar in Itherion.
  2. Guardian - Instead of traveling to the Afterlife a dragon can choose for its spirit to linger and become one with the environment. These locations begin to take the shape of a dragon from the natural landscape. These are locations where younger dragons may go for advice.
  3. Dracolichdom - Some dragons may desire to linger beyond death. Dracoliches take intense rituals, including numerous wizards and very precise knowledge of the ritual. If this process fails, it can create numerous outcomes with varying dangers.

Ecology and Habitats

Varies based on each type of dragon.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Varies on the type of dragon.

Biological Cycle

Some dragons will hibernate for years or decades. This varies for each type of dragon.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dragons can see in the dark and can sense anything that is close to it, without seeing it.

Civilization and Culture


Dragons are one of the four progenitor races (Illuna, Giants, Salauqukea, and Dragons). They were created by the Primordial Dragons according to myth.   Because of this, the Metallic dragons are pitted against the Chromatic dragons. The Metallics believe they are protecting the world against the return of Imperium, He Who Takes while the Chromatics are trying to bring him back to take over the world. It has been this conflict that has torn the dragons apart from the earliest years.   In ancient times, the Dragons took place in the War of Magic which was a war between the progenitor races. In this war, the Dragons' lost much of their foothold to the Illuna. Since the war, the Dragon society has become incredibly fragmented. Most living dragons do not have memories of the war having not lived through it. Many of the chromatic dragons yearn for conquering the world as their ancestors told them they once had.
Genetic Descendants
2,500 - 4,400 years

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