The maps and rumors were true. Deep beneath the Diamond Fortress Aveline found the lost ruins of the old Dwarven kingdoms. She had to sneak past the Moon Elf patrols, lurking monsters, and still navigate this insane place. She was far more comfortable in the forest with the other Wood Elves.   An underground lake leaked into the ruins, drowning most of it. The upper levels, however, had not been flooded. On the 3rd level, Aveline found the waterline. She was hoping the 2nd level wasn't flooded. Walking to the edge of the water she looked down. The water was pitch black. Aveline took her time to set up a ritual for water breathing. Once concluded she plunged into the dark waters.   The water was ice cold. It was unfortunate that the water-breathing spell didn't also keep her warm. She descended to the 2nd level of the ruined city. Her goal was to find the old Temple to Celle. There she hoped to find old records, even damaged ones. Using the Prestidigitation and Mending spells she could repair them even if doing so took her a few months. The knowledge held in a single tome is worth more than she could make in an entire year.   Aveline pulled out a light crystal and activated it. Swimming around the ancient city she saw the damage from an old battle. Hallowed out homes and stores littered the old street. Eventually, she arrived in the old temple district. The old notes she had researched let her deduce which of the ancient structures was the old temple to Celle. She swam up to the open doors.   Inside she found the ancient rows of bookshelves. Aveline skimmed to see if she could find any book that she could read the spine of. She had to be delicate. When she reached out to grab a book, she felt a meaty tentacle wrap around her. It was covered in a thick slime. She felt it crushing her with a strength she couldn't match. The tentacle turned her toward the source of it. A large head with a maw filled with rows of teeth faced her, its two eyes were black pits.   Aveline knew she didn't have time to hold back, this would be death if she didn't use what she could to escape. She cast her freedom of movement spell and slipped from the monster's grip. The slime coated her legs as she escaped. She dodged several more tentacles that tried to restrain her. She felt a presence reach out into her mind and began speaking.   I will claim your memories for myself. There is no escape.   She swam away with a speed that her spell granted her. Aveline fled from the ancient temple. In her arms, she had a single tome. It was time for her to leave. It didn't matter how much she wanted another tome, this was too dangerous.   She erupted from the water. Immediately she dropped the book and gripped her throat. Aveline gasped for breath. Why? she thought. She was above water, the spell shouldn't have cut off her ability to breath air. She ended the water-breathing spell in her mind. Still, she couldn't breathe.   Aveline dropped back into the water. Her breath returned to her. Letting her heartbeat slow, she assessed her situation. She looked down at her legs, which had been covered in the creature's slime. Where her skin was exposed, she could see straight through it. This wasn't good. It was clear, however, that she could no longer breathe air. She didn't have a spell to let her breathe air, she never had a use for such a spell.   The realization to Aveline was that regardless if she could even create a spell that could let her breathe air, she wouldn't have the magic available to let her to make it home with it. She was utterly trapped in this place with that monster. It was right, there was no escape.

Basic Information


A Salauqukea is a squid-like creature, bearing 9 tentacles. However, instead of the eyes being near the tentacles they are located at the end of its rounded mantle. This is also where the mouth is located, with several rows of sharp teeth.

Biological Traits

Salauqukea are covered in a slimy coating. When in contact with other creatures, they lose the ability to breathe air and must breathe water through their skin. This can only be reversed by killing the original Salauqukea that coated the creature.   While a Salauqukea is capable of absorbing memories, it has the ability to share memories with another creature by making contact with it.   Their primary form of communication is telepathy. Their mouths are incapable of forming speech.

Genetics and Reproduction

Salauqukeas reproduce asexually, laying eggs in creatures where they incubate. The infant Salauqukea devours the host body before erupting out of it.

Growth Rate & Stages

Salauqukeas are born with all of the memories of its parent. They start as smaller versions of their adult selves and gradually increase in size as they age.

Ecology and Habitats

Salauqukeas are exclusively water-dwelling creatures. It prefers dark, secluded locations often in drowned ruins or caves. While they have the ability to leave the water, they do not prefer to be out of it for very long.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Salauqukeas feed off of the memories of other creatures. Using their mouth, they will devour a living or dead creature and absorb its memories. It is capable of absorbing memories through touch, however, the amount they can absorb is highly limited through this method.

Additional Information

Social Structure

It appears as though they do not interact with each other. Without the need to reproduce sexually they are free to spread throughout the world to accomplish their goals.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Every part of a Salauqukea is useful for various potions and magic items. The limits are unknown however the brain of a Salaqukea is the most prized piece of it, containing the memories of all of its ancestors. Those who have tried to absorb the memories themselves have all gone insane.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Salauqukea are incredibly rare but they have been found in all parts of the world.

Average Intelligence

Super-genius levels.

Civilization and Culture


Salauqukea are one of the four progenitor races (Illuna, Giants, Salauqukea, and Dragons). Legend says they were born from the water with the help of Blinn.   It is widely accepted that Salauqukea once had a civilization. This is confirmed through the various drowned ruins that some have been found in. Many assumptions have been made on what caused its downfall. The most prevailing theory is that some event in their past corrupted the Salauqukea. The events of trying to absorb their memories have all resulted in the same outcome: insanity. All understanding of their past culture is lost to the minds of the Salauqukea. Their only mission (as far as scholars can discern) is to destroy all civilizations.
Average Length
40 ft

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