Darkness grows, life falters, a cold settles into the land. The land of Itherion is the home of a thousand terrors. While its people are faced with fears every day, they remain strong. The people have adapted to protect their homes. Cities have walls constructed from mages and outposts along roads protected by powerful wards. Those who wish to survive rarely venture outside of their walls.   To the West of Itherion lies Orcium where an endless horde of orcs has attempted to invade Itherion over the Straight of Charon, named for the number of bodies set to rest on it. On the western banks of The Great Illuna Bridge lies the Silver City, the last bastion of protection before Itherion.   Across the Straight lies the City of Gold, a prosperous city that lies as the capitol of the Conclave of Races. Because of the resources being funneled into the war against the orcs, the City of Gold has become a hub of trade for the whole of Itherion. Surrounded by the Heartlands which is a vast farming area surrounded by massive walls.   The Sundering Mountains are home to the kin of dragons, for many of the dragons have not been seen in centuries. Beneath their peaks, the Fortresses of the Dwarves and Gnomes lie usually at conflict with the Moon Elves.   To the south of the City of Gold lies the Swamp of the Dead, a domain where only by the undead dwell. What lies in the swamp besides corpses has been lost to time.   The furthest south in Itherion is The Wind Desert, a harsh environment that acts more like a sea than a desert. The great jewel of the desert is the Southern Spear, a home of great inventors and individuals attempting to escape the war.   To the north-east of the desert is the Dragon Scar a wasteland of elemental power. A scar left over from The Dragon War, most life is unable to thrive there save for elementals and creatures of other planes.   West of the Dragon Scar lies the Tal'rafa Wilds, a jungle filled with some of the widest variety of life in Itherion. Many lost ruins can be found, but diving into them could be your last adventure.   The safest of the lands is the Alluring Forest, home of the Wood Elves. Even then there is a dark corner of the forest, the Pryhehr Wilds where it is said evil spirits tned to dwell.


The land is strife with various climates and regions. From the dry heat of the Wind Desert to the Swamp of the Dead and the lush farms of the Heartlands, a home can be found for nearly anyone especially monsters. The forests are filled with dangerous creatures and no city is safe from them. Walls must be constructed as a first line of defense or the city risks ruin.

Fauna & Flora

Something is wrong with nature. Outside of the Alluring Forest, nature is unnaturally hostile. One would say that creatures and plants have been driven to insanity. Strange beasts have made their way through the rift between planes, making the wilderness even more dangerous.   The high presence of magic creates regions in the wild that alter flora and fauna alike, sometimes causing them to be a new variation never before seen. This has caused several challenges for travelers and adventurers.

Natural Resources

The most rich resource in Itherion is the lush farmlands of the Heartlands. From the center of the city Hearland flows the most nutrient rich water in the lands. This water seems to flow endlessly from the ground and is used to irrigate the ground in the surrounding region.   Blinndalk Lake is the largest body of freshwater on the continent. It supplies the largest amount of fish as ocean fishing is dangerous from the coastal regions. Since the lake is far more shallow than the surrounding ocean, the larger dangers have a harder time surviving in the ecosystem.   The Alluring Forest is home to the wood elves. The forest is also the largest source of herbs, wild game, and fruit in the continent. This is because of the stability and tranquility of the forest, making it the most peaceful place in the continent.


  • Itherion and the Silver City