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The Conclave of Itherion exists for the protection and unification of all states within it. They are responsible for maintaining a unified standing army against the Orc Hordes, as well as giving aid to states during times of crisis.


The Conclave has many assests spread throughout Itherion:
  • The Conclave Fortresses, built as a stronghold and central operations area within each major city of Conclave affiliated area.
  • The Conclave Army, spread throughout the strongholds and the largest portion existing in the Silver City (commonly known as the Silver Army)
  • Currency and Goods from the Conclave 5% Tax as well as purchases made to supply the Army
  • The [TBD], the Conclave's meeting ground and central base in the City of Gold.


After 43 years of the rule of the Sorcerer King Raynaldus and the decline of his empire, a revolution led by Faerune Solice and Raulyn Thunderchaser they laid the foundation for the Conclave of Itherion starting with the City of Gold and the Silver City.   The volcano known as The Red Dragon erupted and with it a wave of Dragons. This was the start of The Dragon War. While dragons fought, the Conclave Army, led by Faerune, marched to the Emeralda Forest to aid the Emerald Empire. When the Army was defeated the Conclave determined the best course of action was to remove themselves from the conflict and let the Dragons settle the war. This angered the Allure Empire which left the Conclave by the end of the war.   Additionally, at the end of the Dragon War the Order of the Thunder God, which had discovered Magebane Steel in the mines at Rivertan, removed the Rivertan from Conclave control. This was to keep the Magebane Steel supply completely in the Order's hands and avoid the Conclave 5% Tax. The Conclave attempted to assert control over the town again leading to a small skirmish just outside of the city that would be known as The Seven Nights it ended when the Order asserted their rights to self-reliance for leaving the Conclave. The Order was permitted to control Rivertan but without the aid of the Conclave. Trade still occurs between Rivertan and the Conclave.   [Work in Progress]

Technological Level

The technological level of area that are part of the Conclave have fairly basic technological levels. Agriculture is the most widely used form of technology because of the ever-present demand for food. War is the second highest contributor to technological advancement but usually through magic. Magic is widely used to solve everyday problems. Potions and Clerics dominate the medical field, Combat Wizards are more efficient than most siege weapons, and divination magic made policing far easier.

Foreign Relations

Since the end of the Dragon War, the relations between the Allure Empire and the Conclave have been shaky at best. While trade still occurs between the two, the Allure empire is in an incredibly strict non-aggression pact. Any of the Conclave's citizens that are visiting are subjected to Allure laws and will ignore all requests made by the Conclave.

Agriculture & Industry

When the Heartlands came under the Conclave between 0-100c they became an Agricultural powerhouse. Providing the food for a majority of the continent it was a huge boon for city-states joining the Conclave. The wide reach of the Conclave also gives a wide variety of agricultural goods like those plants native to the Southern Spear or the Tal'rafa Wilds.   With the way the Conclave functions, any city that is also an industrial power makes the Conclave one. The Dwarven Fortresses produce more weapons and armor than any other cities across the Conclave and the Silver City are incredible innovators for creating machines of war.

Trade & Transport

Established in 546c the Conclave Teleportation Network was finished. This allowed the Conclave to transport goods over long distances between Conclave cities. This was only possible because of the Conclave Neutral Land Act of 451c. While still limited in its uses based on the wizards posted at each Conclave Fortress, it allowed for the fast transportation of goods and people and increased the demand for wizards capable of casting a spell of such a level.   It also opened the way for third-party companies to utilize the network such as the Dofranz Trading Company and the Swiftfoot Travel Agency. Nobles would hire wizards with the ability to cast the Teleportation Circle spell to have personal access to the Network. Shortly after it was established, the Conclave passed a new tax on the use of the network which drastically increased funding for additional projects.


In 555c the Dexiara, Academy of Magics was established. This was in response to the growing demand of wizards and the Conclave needed a way to produce more of them. With a new law, they were able to establish the Academy and encourage other cities to produce their own Academies of Magic. However, with a few loop holes some individuals attempted to establish fake academies in attempts to gain money from the Conclave. This introduced several new laws that gave the Conclave and their Magistrates the ability to shut down Academies they deemed fraudulent.   In 4310c the Libraries of Celle established the first major school system in the City of Gold. This came after Nieven, Weaver of Words invented the Copy Quill resulting in the ability to copy books at an incredible rate. This created a boom within the Libraries. However, this was not reason enough to begin a school system as a majority of children were still used as a labor force and literacy was relatively low. It wasn't until the invention of the Culinary School of Magic in 3950c that drastically reduced the strain put on farmlands that children started leaving the workforce to become more educated members of society. This early education system allowed children to have increased literacy and more easily enter areas that normally required personalized education. Most of this education was to give enough knowledge to improve the workforce overall. Guards and Soldiers that can read and write are capable of sending and receiving messages without the need for a third party. This also gave rise to the Merchant class who had generally been nobility due to the requirement of maths and literacy.


Across the Heartlands the Conclave put massive effort into the development of aqueducts and irrigation systems. These are maintained by the Wizard guilds that are paid by farmers. The Wellspring of the Heartlands fuels these systems. The wellbeing of the Wellspring is closely guarded over to ensure it is not tainted.   Before the Dexiara, Academy of Magic was formed, construction magic was a rare art. Walls around cities crumbled easily with the nightly monster attacks and it was not uncommon for cities to fall due to monster attacks. After intense research of the Silver Wall this form of magic exploded in popularity. Soon every city and hamlet was surrounded by walls. The maintenance of these walls are usually done by a dedicated wizard who travels between towns to work on repairs. Some cities see such frequent attacks that they may hire their own wizards to remain there. The state of a city's walls are a sign of its health.
Founding Date
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Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
An agreement was made within the Conclave that all members would use a system of coinage using platinum, gold, electrum, silver, and copper. With platinum being worth 10 gold pieces, gold being worth 2 electrum, electrum worth 5 silver, and silver worth 10 copper. Across the continent, they are marked with symbol of the Conclave: a pair of crossed arms, one holding the branch of an Ash tree, the other holding a sword, the arms are encircled by a rope that has no knot but is one full circle.
Legislative Body
The Council of Leaders is the governing body of the Conclave. It is made up of the rulers for each city-state that has joined the Conclave. How these individuals are chosen is designated by their city-state. The council votes on matters of the budget to new Conclave laws. These laws must have a 3/4th majority to pass in the case of universal laws. This changes to a simple majority in times of emergency.
Judicial Body
The interpretation and execution of the laws are done by the Conclave Army. The rank of Magistrate gives certain individuals throughout the army the ability to make these judgments. To become a Magistrate you must show your aptitude in matters of Conclave law and given a recommendation by a higher ranking official in the army.
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