Bogwater Whiskey

Despite being a dwarf, Durgith never liked getting drunk. But one thing was true in the taverns of the Ruby Fortress, the drinking contests paid well. That is where he found himself tonight, face to face with a drunk dwarf. The barkeep was filling up their tankards again.   This one was a tough battle, at least for the other Dwarf. Durgith had secretly swapped out the tankard presented with one that he kept on him. He chugged the ale put in his tankard and the opposing dwarf did the same. The ale went down his throat smoothly. He could taste the hints of honey the brewer placed in it. The other dwarf was struggling to down his drink, and sputtering some. It must be a strong drink Durgith thought.   He didn't taste a hint of alcohol. He had his lucky tankard to help with that. The other dwarf got close to the end of his drink before finally sputtering, throwing up what he had consumed. The smell was foul, Durgith wished his tankard helped with that too. There were cries of despair and of joy as a few patrons had lost their bet.   The barkeep looked a Durgith suspiciously. "Durgith was it?"   "Yes."   "I have a bet for you. I've got a drink that I don't think you can hold."   Durgith was curious. "What's in it for me?"   "I'll give you my whole bar if you can keep this drink down."   "Deal!" Durgith just won himself a bar, he thought. Even if the drink isn't in his tankard, he was completely sober.   The barkeep took Durgith's tankard and filled it with more ale. He then took out an unlabeled green bottle. It looked like it had been buried for a decade. Uncorking it, he poured a small amount in the tankard. The barkeep carried the drink over to Durgith and set it down in front of him.   He looked at the glass, curious what the other liquid was. Only one way to find out. Durgith downed the drink laid in front of him. For a moment there was nothing. The last thing Durgith remembered that night was throwing up.


The legend of Barry Bogwater and his mysterious brew has many different tellings (as you would expect from a bunch of drunks). The key thread that all of them get consistent is that Barry Bogwater got incredibly drunk when coming up with the recipe for Bogwater Whiskey. He was so drunk that by the time all the whiskey was barreled he had completely forgotten where he put the recipe, which he wrote when he was drunk. No one has seen where it was placed.   When he tried the finished Whiskey, a single sip got him blackout drunk again. He put all of the batch into special green bottles but forgot to label them. Having an entire bottle to himself he sold every bottle without remembering a single person he sold it to. Legend has it that Barry Bogwater died trying to make a second batch of the famous Whiskey.

Historical Basis

The only truth behind the legend is that bottles of Bogwater Whiskey float around the continent of Itherion. These are often prized possessions of their owners, sharing it only with those that have proven they can handle their liquor.


The knowledge of the Bogwater Whiskey is no longer universal knowledge in Itherion. It is even unknown to most barkeeps. However, in the brewing community, it is legendary. All of the greatest Dwarven brewers know the name. It is said that the leader of the Anvilborn Council has a horde of Bogwater Whiskey.

Cultural Reception

Most people who hear the legend think its a silly tale that drunks tell each other. Between brewers, it is a pinnacle of brewing.
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Author's Notes

This alcohol and story were inspired by the world that one of my good friends ran back when I played Pathfinder with them. The original tale was that the creator of Bogwater died while making it. If memory serves that character even ended up becoming a god, though I may be mixing up stories. My character, Lavernacous, was obsessed with trying to make it himself as he was completely immune to alcohol and this bypassed his immunity (there was a hilarious series of events that took place as he got black-out drunk for the first time). While I've changed some of the details, the core of it is the same. I kept the name Bogwater as a direct tie to the fun times that were had in that game and want to thank my friend for the inspiration.

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