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The Creation

It is said that when the Council of the Four met in their heavenly places and agreed with one another that the realm must be created, they employed a cosmic dragon to breathe new life into existence. Asrophel the Life Breather looked and saw Camdara in her untamed state. All throughout this tiny mass, Asrophel saw the potential for great life. The surface of the planet was constantly being shook with violent eruptions that spewed lava in all directions. The young sea was learning to rise and fall with the celestial cycles, creating energy where there was once stillness. Asrophel breathed deep, filling her lungs with rich cosmic energy and exhaled them, creating the life-giving winds that covered the surface and ceased the raging fires below. As the waters began to rise and the first spots of green began to appear across the land, Asrophel looked and saw that Camdara was good and ready for life.
  Asrophel flew high above the world and spoke in the ancient language "bak'ta vrouth sah ka." From her mouth, the energy of life came forth and covered Camdara like a fine mist. The mist settled in the mountains first, creating large winged beasts that flew high in the air mimicking their mother Asrophel. The mists then settled on the water, giving way to the fish of the sea that would one day devour ships whole and provide a way of provision for others. Finally, the mists settled on the land and mankind arose out of the dust.
  For a season, the first of humanity was sustained by the mists, but in time, man learned to cultivate the ground and bring forth life of their own. When Asrophel saw that her work was done, she rested in the shadow of the Ionari (See The Witchstone of Ionari ) and it is said that she still slumbers there to this day.

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