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"A dog and a flame - Part I, The dragon enters"

"Kundel, there's a new job for you."   "You warned them about the danger?"   "Yeah, they don't care. They need to get as fast as possible to the power plant, and you are the only Stabilizer available. Some research stuff that can't wait."   "Ok. Tell them the deal's the same as always. If they survive, they can pay me. If they don't, I'll take their food."   "Sure."  
  It's been an hour since the expedition started. With Kundel as a guide and Stabilizer, reaching the power plant shouldn't take long, but it still wouldn't be so easy.   After leaving the sewers, the group consisting of five people entered the neighborhood consisting of blocks of flats. The grey giants in various forms of ruin looked at them motionlessly as they passed by.
They didn't walk in a straight line, often having to take paths more winding. The researchers didn't see anything abnormal, but they knew not to argue with the guide.   So far, so good, thought Kundel to himself. His dogs didn't manifest yet. They were safe for now.   They entered many courtyards and gates, passed by convenience stores and playgrounds, even entered some flats only to leave on the other side. It was a maze where all of the walls were invisible, and entering the wrong path could lead to death.   While traversing one of the blocks of flats, they decided to rest in the hallway connecting four stairwells. While researchers ate their food and drank some coffee, Kundel went to look through the window on one side of the corridor. He wanted to both scout out the area and get some fresh air. It was really hot inside this building for some reason.   The scientists were talking about something for a few minutes. Then, the three of them looked at the last one. He stood up and approached Kundel.   "Mr...Kundel?"   "Hmm?" he responded without turning around. He could guess what the man wanted to ask him.   "The guy who recommended your services warned us about the big chance of danger. He even said something about the curse," he visibly looked nervous. "But that's just a superstition, right? As of yet, this expedition has been going smoothly..."   "What my friend said is right. Even under perfect conditions, there is some..." he stopped and started sniffing the air. Smoke. The air smelled of the flames and smoke. Something touched his hand.
Kundel looked down, sighed, and smiled sadly at what he saw. There was a dead dog. Or, at least judging by its appearance, it should be dead. It wagged its tail and started running towards the closest stairwell.   Kundel followed it, only three words escaping his mouth, "I am sorry."   The other side of the corridor began to fill with smoke. Soon, the flames started showing up, and in a matter of seconds, they swallowed that part of the building.   The scientists began to panic. They picked up their stuff, but stood still in the same place, not knowing what to do.
A silhouette showed up in the inferno in front of them. The closer it got, the more they could discern what they see. A person, wearing a fireman suit. The mask of the suit was missing, so they could see the face of the one who approached them.
It was a woman, whose hair moved like the flames that surrounded her.
She was smiling, her posture welcoming them.   The one that is called Wildfire.

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