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  My name is Anna, Anz for short, AnzBananz for long. I am an environmentalist and animal enthusiast with experience in biology, ecology, and zookeeping. I have also had an interest in writing since I was four years old, and have been writing ever since.   My current project, a book currently under the name Torchbearer, is set in the world I'm working on, Lathai. You can learn more about it on the world homepage, if you're curious! I have been working on Lathai and the plot of Torchbearer since March of 2018, and began importing worldbuilding notes to World Anvil in October of 2018. I'm still importing old content and writing new content all the time.   You can find me around the World Anvil discord. Feel free to DM me with any questions or comments! I’m open to critique partner if you’re looking for someone to look over articles with you!   Interested in my main character? Check out Arophi's Heroes page below!

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