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Dragon Horn

The dragon horn is one of the reasons [the orchestra of the southern island] has such a unique sound, which can be recognized throughout the eight realms by all who heard it before. While it is a popular instrument, the citizens only use it during the Blue Moon Festival.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

the player blows through the hole, causing the air column inside to vibrate making a rich sound. The horn itself warms the air which makes the sound deeper and yet lighter.

Manufacturing process

The horn is flattened and shaped by the application of heat, which softens it. A hole is made from the tip of the horn to the natural hollow inside. The narrow end is then covered in leather for a strong grip.


Significate to the [Southern island culture].
Item type
Musical Instrument
10 kg
Average length: 1.5 m, Average width: 15 cm
Raw materials & Components
A dragon horn, 2 leather strips.
Knife, fire.

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