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The planet between The Blue Sun in the south and The White Sun in the north has a never-ending light with the only way to tell night from day is the blue slightly more faint shade of light given at night by Vepron (Blue God) . While most places have usual day and night cycles, some always face the same sun. Because of that and the fact that the blue sun gives off much more heat than the white sun, the closer you are to the south pole, the warmer and dryer it gets and vice versa.   The land is divided to three continents, with Chaupful being by far the largest as it is bigger than the combined land mass of the other two continents [east continent] and Kirnora. Chaupful is divided to four regions agreed upon by the four large empires; The Tzuderic Empire to the south, The Union of the Northern Clans to the north, [south empire] to the south, and the Galiter Empire to the east. although those regions are settled by the empires, most of the land is still uninhabited or owned by governments that deny the empire rule and don't obey their laws. [east continent] is divided into four main islands. half of the land in the continent is dangerous due to high volcanic activity in the area and so the rest of the islands are vastly over-populated. Kirnora is the smallest continent and the richest in terms of natural resources. it is mostly populated by criminals, mercenaries and other folk who prefer living in a lawless peaceful safehouse.

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