WorldEmber 2020

I, Lyraine Alei, pledge ...

... to write 10K 20K words in the month of December.

I will be writing mostly about my Thydian Civil War in spin-off and related articles. These will be mostly geography, organizations, military conflicts, and people.

Whooo! 12/14/2020 - 10K reached, goal updated to 20K

WorldEmber Strategy

My plan is to start with the geography (locations) articles, and flip back and forth between the geography and the governing body who lays claim to the region. This is usually one of my weaker points, and a I have many of these articles to write up.

After the location and organization template articles, I will move on to the military conflicts. These are also articles I'm weaker with, so I have a low expected word count for them.

Should I find myself still short of 10K words, I will begin writing about those who are at the top of my organizations, and the people who live in those regions. I feel that writing characters and ethnicities is one of my stronger techniques, so I have a higher expected word count per article.

At any time I find myself struggling to put in words, I will remember that I have this long list, and I have no expectation to make every article over 300 words.

Priority Articles - These are marked with an * because these are articles directly tied tomy campaign and my players's actions.

Bonus Articles - These are "extra" articles that I may write about on the side, and most of the ones I am thinking of at this moment are settlements - specifically the capital cities of the regions and wherever my players wind up. I do not have a list of these, nor do I have a high word count expectation - expectation of about 51-60 words.

Other Tools - Quote boxes are extremely useful at giving me a voice to view things from and voice the topic with, but I plan to save these for when I find myself struggling to hit my goal. Excerpts and Mouseovers are also helpful to add more words into an article, and provide readers with a quick context version of the article.

WorldEmber Article List

Locations-Organizations (Expected, about 150-200 words each for a total of 5,250-7,000 words)

Arles and Arling-related Ethnicities (Expected, about 200-500 words each for a total of 5,600-14,000)

Expected total

11,900 - 22800


If I have the time and find myself nearing that 19K total, I will try for 20K words. I expect more Military Conflict articles to be started up in this time, and my timeline (see History of the Thydian Civil War) has several "empty" months in history that do not have winter as an excuse.

Word count planning and estimation for this year's WorldEmber drew inspiration from observing Ademal preparing to write her Halloween Ethnis Special Event, including her own notes to herself about her writing habits.

This is a lot of articles, but I do not have expectations of writing 333+words per day in a single article.

Update: I reached 10K on the 14th of December, so I changed my goal to 20K

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8 Nov, 2020 02:05

Lists, glorious lists! :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
8 Nov, 2020 05:32

Thank you! I actually had a hand-written list of all of these, and calculated about 50-55 articles, so writing up my lists was pretty straight-forward. At least now people will know what I intend to work on this year, I wasn't nearly as organized in the years before.

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